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AHC20919 Certificate II in Sports Turf Management

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Turf management refers to taking care of the pitch care and it involves the work and skill needed to take care of the pitch so that pitch can become ready to use. Pitch is required to be steady and sporting pitch needs certain act to be run upon for its neutral performance. Turf management is not restricted to one sport but turf management revolves around the very sports which take care of the pitch such as tennis court, golf courses, football pitches, athletics fields and education. The skills and the tactics require the considerably act dependent upon on the sports and it is not considerate to use artificial surface. Hence, good maintenance is required to keep the pitch ready. The course will teach you about the various skills needed to perform the sand bases athletics fields or native soil fields on point

The course focuses on the maintenance of the pitch. this course is efficient in providing the basic training and knowledge for caring for the turf. This knowledge can be gain from the experience or by attaining a certain study. By attaining the formal education for the course, one can have scope in the maintainable of the sports turf. This course will provide you with the ability and build the required management for handling the pitch. This is a crucial task in sports matches and every sport such as bowling clubs, cricket grounds, playing field have this ability.


There are two types of courses which are preferred for a tennis match. And these are clay pitches and the grasses tennis course. Back in time, the grass tennis court was popular but now it is being replaced by the clay tennis court. Every court has its pros and cons. Clay court is of a different type specifically hard courts, natural clay, fast/dry clay.

The skills required to take care of the pitch is appropriate and the soil binding, foundation and drainage must work together to provide a considerate court.


Football grounds are usually grassy but due to the cold weather, the turf is required to be done again. The cold weather tends to increase the tension in the pitch which makes it unfair to use. During that time, the current pitch is removed up to 40mm and the other pitch is grown free from the weeds.


Cricket fields require good care of the pitch because some changes can lead to water clogging during the rain. Water retained in the pitch can impact the bounce in bowling and hence, it becomes unsafe for the players to play on them. Water lodged turf impacts them and they can slip over the pitch which can even cause injury to them. Hence, good care is required in the cricket field grounds.


They use polymeric surfaces and their maintenance cost is low. They look sterile and can bear the hard-wearing and porous nature which makes them look more attractive.


There are many universities and institution which providing training and skill in the sports turf management. There is even certificates course which takes less time for competition and the individuals can start their career a little earlier in this field. The positions relevant after the completion of the courses are sports turf managers, head groundskeepers, golf course superintendents or they work for the various institutions too.


The courses teach the skills and the training required by the individual in building a good scope in sports turf management. These turf charges are supposed to carry a regular and repetitive task for the maintenance of the field. They are also in charge of maintaining the structure and building. It doesn’t require supervision and it only required the skill to care for the turf. There is a total of 8 units that are required to be completed for the competition of the course. Five are core units and three are elective.



Take the charge of pressurised irrigation processes.


Operation of the basic machinery and equipment


Preparation of the turf surfaces and ground for tournament


Renovation of the green areas



Applying chemical for the better pitch


Maintain of the strictures and properties


Learn about the equipment training


Identify the plants


Planting of the trees and shrubs


Take the charge of the weed


The certification course in sports turf management provides the candidate with enough details and skills that is efficient for a better career scope as turf management. The government has launched various scholarships and training programs too in the sports field. Scholarship can also be attained as the government encourage the candidate to choose the sports field. People involved in turf management have a decent amount of salary and other mutual benefits attached to it. May extra earning is involved in the process and a scholarship is also awarded. The course provides essential exposure to the candidates which is sufficient in turf training. Many institutions offer certification course in turf management. And candidates can also seek higher studies and training after the certification course. We are launching an advanced version of training for the candidates who are interested in this particular field. Some people are completely satisfied after completing the course and have been placed at a good forum. There are around 80% of the candidate who is satisfied with this course. The feedbacks are very important for the improvement and enhancement of the course. The two foremost advantages that an individual get by involving in sports turf management is that they can get a high salary and have a thorough training about turf management which makes them more capable to have a bright and good scope. The course teaches the candidate about the essential skills and the methods of turf related task. All the task are repetitive but it is necessary to have a good command over it. For more detail about the course and enrolment purposes, you can contact at the given link below.

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