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Chicago Referencing Style

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Chicago Referencing Style

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Chicago Referencing Style

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Example References for Website

Example Website Reference

Delton John D. The Dispute GAZA Strip. London. Wiley. 2016. Web/print.

Example In-Text Citation for a Website

Delton John D. 2016

Example References for Website

Example Website Reference

Delton John D. Understanding Child Pycology. Pycology Journal. 8. 10. 2016. 15-18. Web/print.

Example In-Text Citation for a Website

Delton John D. 2016

Example References for Website

Example Website Reference

John D. Software Development In The 21st Century. Computer Software Today. 2010. Web/print. 28th October 2016.

Example In-Text Citation for a Website

Delton John D. 2016

Chicago Referencing Style

About Chicago Referencing

Chicago Referencing Style

The Chicago style is effectively used for academic writing in the field of humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It contains effective guidelines about formatting texts, quotations, and citations.

There are two effective formats for referencing the Chicago styles. One is the notes-bibliography and the other one is the author-date. The notes-bibliography formats effectively use the various numerical systems of both the endnotes and the footnotes with the bibliography and the author-date is same as the Harvard style of formatting.

Two styles for Chicago referencing

Two styles for Chicago referencing
  • Author-date system in Chicago Style

In this, each citation which the author is referencing is in the parentheses and exactly matched with the corresponding entries that are in the reference lists and which must meet the complete information of the bibliography.

  • Bibliography systems and notes

This system is effectively used in citing the sources that are numbered with the footnotes and the endnotes with some subscripts in the numbered texts and must have to mention the sources in the bibliography separately.

Effective guides for Chicago Referencing Styles.

  • Effective essential systems are required for both the systems while referencing the Chicago Style. These are:
  • While referencing the citations in Chicago style effectively write the Bibliography at the top of the first page and must get centralize this.
  • Make sure that after the title the first entries must leave the two blank lines.
  • Effectively aligning the entries in the lest.
  • Effectively using a half-inch while getting to hang after each entry indent.
  • Effectively using a single line space between the two words in the same line and one blank line between two words and entries.
  • While citing references that are written by the same author effectively using a 3m dash and just trying to avoid writing the same name of the authors in the line.

Few effective key elements while using the Chicago Referencing style format.

  • Effectively using 12-point font size and Times New Roman Font style.
  • Effectively using the double line spacing between the texts.
  • Effectively using 1-inch margins between the texts and the lines.
  • Trying to indent the paragraphs with the ½ inch.
  • Effectively placing the numbers at the top right and the centreline of the bottom.

Use Chicago Referencing STYLE Generator Tool from Urgent Homework

Some of the effective software’s for citation generator are as follows:

  • Bib me: This is one of the best online citation and bibliography tools on the internet.
  • Cite this for me: It also provides various referencing styles for citation generator.
  • Citavi: It is a multi-purpose citation generation tool.
  • Citation machine: This is free for generating citations. This includes varieties for vast citations, effective resources and guides, Plagiarism-checker, and also various numerous resources.

With the help of all such citation generator tools and software’s, any person can effectively cite the references in the Chicago style while keeping the effective guidelines of formatting style of Chicago references in the mind.

Effective key elements must get included while citation references. These are:

  • General format
  • Title of page
  • Heading
  • Blocked quotes
  • Effective acronyms and numbers
  • Notes and some in-text citations.
  • Reference lists and the bibliographies
  • About Chicago style formatting some frequently asked questions.

About General format

  • It does not require the specific font size and styles while referencing the citations but effectively can use the 12-point font size and Times New Roman Font style and also can use the 1-inch margin for all sides of the pages.
  • The main text of the reference must be double-line space and the new paragraph must get started with the indented of ½ inch.
  • The text must not be the right aligned it should be left-aligned.

Title of page

  • While writing the title it must be kept in mind that it should be center-aligned and must be double-lined space and having the same font that has been written in the rest topic and it should appear around the 1/3 down the pages and must get kept in the with capitalized words and must be bold.
  • If also having the subtitle of the topic then must include this with the colon that appears in the following lines and be the same size and font that for the headings of the topic and also must be bold like heading.

For example,

Chicago Referencing Title of page


While using the headings of different levels then must clear about which type of heading would be the best and be effective.

For example

Chicago Referencing Headings

Blocked quotes

  • The effective poetry quotations that have been effective in two or more than the two lines are presented as the blocked quotes.
  • It effectively does not use quotation marks. A blank line effectively separates the texts from both sides, and they are effectively indented to the ½ inch like the other texts in the topic are double spaced, but the blocked quotations are not writing is not write in the double spaced.

Effective Acronyms and numbers

  • The Chicago Referencing style effectively not using the words and not the numerical for the numbers that are lower than 100 values.
  • While referencing the people can effectively use the numbers and the acronyms in the middle of the paragraph, not in the beginning.

Notes and the In-text Citations.

  • The Chicago referencing style effectively provides the specific guidelines for formatting the citations and these are the author-date style and the bibliography.
  • In the author-date style of the Chicago style referencing the citations are effectively placed directly in the parentheses and in this people have some flexibilities regarding integrating the citations.
  • In the bibliography and the notes style, the citations effectively appear and are presented in the endnotes and the footnotes and effectively superscripted in the texts.
  • The endnotes and the footnotes numbers must get appeared at the end of the sentences and the clauses and in place after the punctuation.
  • While the endnotes are presented before the bibliography and the footnote at the bottom of the pages the footnotes should be effectively separated by the texts with some short rules and must get presented with the same size of the font as the small and the main texts.

Reference lists and the Bibliography

At the end of the article, journal, and the assignment the bibliography and the reference lists must get presented the bibliography is in the form of notes and the bibliography style and the reference lists are in the form of author-date style.

Both of these reference lists and the bibliography must not be double line spaced.

If an entry effectively extends to the second line, then it must be ½ inch get indented so that it should be effectively get applied with all line of the entries.

Examples of Chicago style citations.

"Chicago Referencing Style Generator Tool for Students [Totally Free]". 2021.

"Harvard Referencing Generator Tool Online [Free & Authentic]". 2021.

Alex, Marshall.” The show of Rachel Maddow: Never- stop- to asking.” Video, 28 August 2020.

In the Chicago style the bibliography must get included all the information that has been written in the assignment, journal, and topic it includes all the sources of information and must be in alphabetical order by starting with the author with its last name and it should get appear at the end of the paper, article, and the journal whatever the document is. The person can effectively cite its sources in the footnotes and a short note must get include the last name of the author, the title of the source, and the effective page number.

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