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HLT31020 Certificate III in Ambulance Communications

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The qualification of the course reflects the skills and ways to attend the call for ambulance service. This course is designed for candidates who wish to enhance their skills in communication and build a suitable career in ambulance communication. These are the type of calls made during the time of emergency when the service of an ambulance is required. The call attendant must coordinate with the caller and build an atmosphere for calmness. The individual must be apt in arranging an ambulance by making several contacts as soon as possible. The individual must be able to create an environment for the ambulance by making direct and indirect contact with the hospital.

The qualification of the course focuses more on enhancing communication skills in certain languages. Certain programs are being conducted for enhancing communication and multitasking services. Over overtime, the qualification allows the candidate to experience all the functions that they are supposed to do. For instance, the individual must not panic while taking the call and try to understand the issue of more thecal. And while making a conversation, remember to speak clearly so that less exchange of dialogues could take place. And try to listen to them carefully and make questions in case of any query. Write the necessities for the patient. There could be a case where the patient might be facing less SpO2 level, therefore, in that case, an ambulance must carry the oxygen cylinder or medical assistance that can be offered to the patient during the travel time from the home to the hospital. The hospital and all its related services such as ambulance must be ever ready to give assistance and carry medical supplies in case of emergency. Apart from this, the candidate must understand and write the situation. And the candidate must know to maintain records of the day regarding the ambulance service. Apart from the communication services, the candidate should also be active to show participation in other multitasking. There are many other tasks attached to the ambulance services. Therefore, the qualification also focuses on multitasking and candidate gets the chance to learn various other skills apart from enhancing their communicational skills.

The Hospital offers 24*7 hours services of the ambulance, therefore the candidate must be aware of the fact that he has to prepare for the night shifts too. We also trained the candidate for heavy works because on average, on every 12 seconds calls are being to the hospital. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the course to make the candidate capable of working long hours and work in a hectic environment. HLT31020- Certificate III in Ambulance Communications (Call-taking)  course builds successful candidates who can give better service in the field of Health. Active participation is allowed for quick service. All taking is an easy job which can be done with ease with some easy tips and techniques. The constant support of the individual through ambulance helps the patient to survive, therefore call-taking is a serious task and must be done with diligence.

Ambulance crews also contain some knowledge about the on the way assistance to the patient. they contain knowledge of offering assistance. They have been trained about using some equipment so that they can deliver a pre message to the hospital about their arrival. The call-taking department is efficient in providing relief to the patient as soon as they reach by information the hospital department before their arrival. The qualification which is provided under this course is sufficient to carry out the task relevant to the call-taking department. According to the past studied student, they have found the course complete worthy and satisfactory as they were trained very well for the call taking services and all the practices that faculty made them do for very useful in the practical experience. Looking at the past trend, it has also been noticed that there has been a significant hike in the salary of the paramedical staff. Therefore, the qualification of the HLT31020- Certificate III in Ambulance Communications (Call-taking) can be very useful in the upcoming year as it can be proved as a significant career option.


The course of the HLT31020- Certificate III in Ambulance Communications (Call-taking) has provided suitable results in the past. The faculty associated with the qualification of call taking is very experienced and skillful that they offer them the best study in the ambulance communication department. The faculty tries to convey to them the advanced lessons about the skills they need in the Ambulance Department. They are taught being quick-witted that they must know how to handle several calls at the same time. It can be a hectic task to talk to the patient or the caller and asking for specific information and at the same time, inform= the driver or the hospital about the upcoming case in the hospital. The candidate must be quick to handle all the stuff together. Apart from this, the candidate must note down all the necessary details about the caller and ask about the specific necessity that [patient might require on the way. The course consists of formal qualification and practical training. The satisfactory results can be traced down from our main portal. Around 78% of the candidate has got job opportunity after the completion of their certification course and they found it useful. All the necessary skills help them to gain the experience and exposure that can be conveyed while making an ambulance communication. The Australian government also offers to the econ0mical weak candidate so that their education and the qualification can be carried out with ease. There has been a significant rise in the paramedic's services with a hike in disease. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to join the medical sector and build a suitable career in the following field. There are other medical fields are available which can be opted by the candidate. An advanced course offers the candidate to learn well and perform their duties. To know more, contact on the link given at the below of the page.


The qualification focuses on working and communicating with the patient jot down the specification needed. The role also includes working as medical care assistance and running different medical errands for the medical care center. The individual is required to coordinate with the environment and pass the information as the soonest. There is a big role devoted to the transfer of the direct and indirect supervision


To complete the qualification, one must complete the 10 units. 6 are the dedicated fundamental units and the 4 are elective. The fundamental units help to provide a brief knowledge about the subject.



One must know the better usage of medical terminology appropriately


Working with different community and region of people


Make sure to receive every call request for an ambulance


Must be good in communication in an emergency situation for better working in healthcare.


Work in the safe and healthy workplace


One must be able to manage stress and hectic situation




Delivery of the information


Promotion of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander


Work with the people who are facing mental stress


Identification of the healthy work system

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