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  • Java is designed to run on any computer platform.
  • Java Virtual Machine enables cross-platform use.
  • Java applets are downloaded to computers through networks.

Weaknesses consist of:

  • The security risk in downloading applets.
  • The speed in running the programs.

What is Java?

Java is a high-level programming language which is commonly used nowadays. A language was developed by Sun Microsoft and before the sun Microsoft there was a small engineers team known as Green team who start implementing the language in 1991 and gave name OAK to JAVA, later Sun Microsoft change the name to JAVA by modify the language to take the advantage of WWW. This is all about the emergence of C programming language because JAVA is derived from C programming language. Like in C, variables declared before they are used and code block modularized into methods that determine by curly braces. So the syntax and rule same supported in JAVA. But Java still has its own structure, modified syntax rule and programming paradigms that based on OOPs. Code written in java start with the package which is a name mechanism and consist hierarchy of within packages are classes, then within class are methods, variables, constants, and more.

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Why Java?

  • Java is one of the programming language which is easy to learn and more versatile. Designed in such a way so that programmer finds easy to write code in it, compile because support its own JVM compiler, debug, run and also can learn other programming language if you know JAVA.
  • Java is Object-oriented that allow programmer to create a modular maintainable application that also support reusable code.
  • Java is plat-form-independent which is one of the most significant advantages of JAVA that has ability to move from one platform to another and can run the same code on different systems.
  • Java is distributed that make distributed computing easy with the networking capability which integrated into it. To write network programs in the Java is easy to send and receive data to and from a file.
  • Because Java has its own compiler and runtime environment which consider security as a part of its design.
  • Java is robust in terms of java early check the possible errors as compiler is able to detect many problems that come during execution in other languages also.
  • Java supports multithreaded programming which has a capability to perform several tasks at the same time within program.

Java Homework help