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National Engineer Register Australia

National Engineer Register Australia

EA- Engineers Australia is trying its best to support all the skilled and outstanding professional engineers worldwide and provide them with a global platform. However, that doesn’t mean that an engineer can easily get a good job in Australia. As an engineer, you need to work hard to enhance your skills and prove yourself in this field. And this is where the NER- National Engineer Register comes to play.

There is no doubt that Australia has emerged as a perfect and attractive place for engineers. Many immigrants have found a modern and comfortable way of life, amazing business possibilities, and multiple employment facilities. If you are a qualified engineer, you can enjoy a promising future here. But before you can start working there, you need to get yourself registered with NER. And for that, you will have to submit a well-written work experience statement that can prove your abilities in this field. However, most engineers fail to submit this report as they don’t know how to write it.

Suppose you face the same issue and want to lower the chances of getting rejected by the NER. In that case, you can always take the help of Urgenthomework.com, a leading essay writing help service provider having years of experience in offering work experience statements for NER writing services.

Learn More About NER

This is a major framework that EA has introduced, and it helps the country to get the best and most talented engineers. Through the NER, employers can get connected with experienced engineers to offer best-in-class services to their clients. The engineers registered with NER demonstrate excellent skills, professionalism, and a higher level of trust. When boosting your career in this field, you need to get yourself registered in the NER. Before applying for this, every engineer must understand how to frame a good-quality work experience statement for NER. So, let’s discuss this in detail. However, if you think it is challenging for you, get in touch with the work experience statement writers at Urgenthomework.com. As a trusted writing help service provider, we understand the importance of submitting an error-free statement. We know everything about NER Australia and can craft an impressive work experience statement within the given deadline.

How to frame your work experience statement?

While writing the NER work experience statement, you must understand the rules and guidelines issued by the concerned authority. However, not all the candidates have the understanding. As a result, they deal with a lot of issues. Remember that if there is a small mistake in your statement, it can be very difficult to register your name in the NER.

So, it is advisable to work with the highly professional and reliable experts of Urgenthomework.com to get the task done. We offer the industry’s best Essay writing help to the applicants with their requirements to successfully register their names in the framework. Some of the important points to consider while writing the statement for NER Australia are:

  • You should write the statement in chronological order.
  • Don’t forget to add relevant and recent work experience first.
  • Before applying for it, make sure that you have at least five years of experience in the field of engineering.
  • Properly list down your major achievements, responsibilities, and roles.
  • You should also add a section mentioning your past positions.

What do you need to cover under every position you have held?

  • The titles of the positions you have served.
  • Each position’s start and finish dates should be there.
  • A small description of the job responsibilities and role.
  • The major achievements

What should you include in your major achievements?

This section contains the engineering projects that the engineers have handled. Besides, it should be written so that it can effectively demonstrate the engineers' abilities, skills, and knowledge. This section can include:

  • Some of the major quality improvements to which you have contributed.
  • Information about the programs, services, products, systems, and projects you have worked on.
  • The opportunities, issues, and situations you have faced while handling the project.


If possible, you can mention some references as the authorities of EA may call them to know more about your abilities and involvement in the projects you have completed. You referees:

  • Any chartered members of EA.
  • Mentor, supervisor, or senior colleagues who have known you for a minimum of one year.
  • Your current employer can also be used as a reference.

What if you don’t have any references?

It has been seen that sometimes the candidates fail to submit the required referees’ details. If you have some genuine reasons behind that, you can submit a valid Statutory Declaration to support the referee statement. Make sure that the Statutory Declaration is written so that it can demonstrate your career history and current competence.

Who can register on the National Engineering Register?

  • EA’s chartered members in every occupational category.
  • EA’s members are in every occupational category.
  • Those non-members of EA can apply for this only if they have at least five years of work experience in engineering.

Understanding some benefits of being registered on NER

This well-known national registration system can benefit everyone. It is the perfect alternative to government licensing organizations, and the practice is regulated and controlled by the law of Australia. Speaking of the benefits:

  • For professionals- It will help them to elevate their stature, and they can gain better recognition.
  • For practitioners- For them, it works as an ideal marketing tool.
  • Employers can get all the required assistance to find qualified and suitable engineers from across the world.

Understanding the five steps of NER registration

The engineers with at least five years of working experience must complete some important procedures to be registered in the NER.

Work Experience StatementEvery professional needs to carry out a self-assessment to prove their practice areas and career evidence. They need to submit a well-written work experience statement created following EA’s guidelines. If you have any doubts, contact Urgenthomework.com for help. We have been offering quality assignment help services for more than ten years and know how to create a statement for NER Australia.

  1. Continuing Professional Development Statement

All the candidates must submit a continuing professional development statement to talk about their achievements in the last three years.

  1. Reference check

It is mandatory to mention at least two professional referees who can be contacted to verify the data submitted by you.

  1. Data about the PII

EA advices the candidates to give detailed information about their PII- Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  1. Interview

This is the final stage in the process of NER registration. You will be interviewed personally by the NER authorities, and they may call the professional referees for further verifications.

So, these are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while creating a work experience statement. It would help if you ensured that every piece of information you write is as per the EA’s guidelines. Besides, it would be best if you took good care of the mistake as it can lead to the rejection of your application.

Well, you can consider getting in touch with our team of experienced NER Australia work experience statement writers. Our writers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to get the work experience statement drafted in the best possible way.

Urgenthomework.com has become a leading essay writing help service provider. Our expertise in the field helps us offer great assistance to the engineers to create CDR, NER work experience report, and more. Besides, we can also offer support to them to comfortably deal with ACS migration to Australia, migration skill assessment reports, and more.

EA and ACS are some of the top authorities in Australia who decide whether the candidates looking forward to moving to the country should be allowed or not. They check their qualifications and other factors and make sure that they adhere to the Australian standards. That means the quality of the report should be ton-notch. So, don’t take any risks and hire the experts of Urgenthomework.com now.

What makes us different from others?

We want to inform you that our success lies beneath the amazing skills of our experienced writers, editors, and assessment experts. We are a reputed writing help service provider and always try our best to provide our clients with professional, and best-in-class NER work experience report writing assistance at the best prices.

We have helped thousands of engineers register with NER, and the EA has assessed and approved all the sample reports. Feel free to have a look at the sample work experience statements to know how we write.

The best thing is that you will enjoy a 100 percent money-back guarantee with us if you are not satisfied with the work quality. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get ready to enjoy better job opportunities in Australia.

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