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Analyze the business assignment

for Physician Family Clinic (attached)

  • 2-3 sentence vision statement
  • 3-4 steps to achieving the goal
  • Explain how the goal will be achieved
  1. Analyze the business:
  • Select three tools and/or techniques you will use to analyze this business.
  • Explain why you have selected each tool (not regurgitating words from the text)
  • Explain how this analysis would benefit the business

Once you have completed the Word document, use the following naming convention and attach it: lastnameFirstinitial_StrategicPlan

For example: ReeceP_StrategicPlan

  1. C. In your responses to two classmates, state whether you agree or disagree with their selection of tools/techniques. Explain why.

Keep in mind that this is a small business. Tailor responses to that business specifically and not to any business in particular.

For clarity, respond to each question in a new paragraph. Remember to give credit to all sources from which information is obtained, using APA style in-text citation and a Reference section documentation.