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Workplace Health and Safety Assessment 5


Workplace Health and Safety

SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks

SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices

General Information for this assessment:

· Read the instructions for each question very carefully.

· Be sure to PRINT your FIRST name & LAST name in every place that is provided.

· Short questions must be answered in the spaces provided.

· For those activities requesting extra evidence such as: research reports, essay reports, etc. The student must attach its own work formatted in double space, Arial 12 pts.

· All activities must be addressed correctly in order to obtain a competence for the unit of competency.

· If the student doesn’t understand the assessment, they can request help from the assessor to interpret the assessment.

· Re-submission of assessment after the term will incur additional fees.

Assessment Task 5: Emergency Evacuation Role Plays

Task summary

  • For this task you are required to respond to an emergency situation in the role of a supervisor, ensuring staff and customers are safely evacuated and emergency procedures are followed by fellow staff.
  • Resources and equipment required to complete this task:
  • Personnel
  • You will need to have staff members working in the kitchen and customers. You staff should know what to do in the emergency situation, while the customers will not.
  • Resources
  • Access the training kitchen
  • Access to a space that can act as the front of house
  • Access to a safe egress to evacuation/muster point
  • Templates / Supporting documents
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures for the training kitchen
  • SDS for bleach-based cleaning product used in the training kitchen (e.g. available at

When and where will this task be completed?

You will do this task in a simulated workplace environment.

Your assessor will provide you with the date of the role play.

What happens if I get something wrong?

  • If your assessor identifies that you did not correctly or adequately demonstrate the skills and knowledge required of this task, you will be given feedback on areas for improvement.
  • Your assessor will provide you with guidance as to whether you need to:
  • Redo the task immediately after you have considered their feedback

Student Instructions for Task 5

¨ Role Play Emergency Evacuation

For this assessment you will be acting as the senior staff member rostered on when a chemical spill in the kitchen requires you to evacuate staff and customers from the building. A container of bleach-based cleaning product has been damaged, the product is leaking from the container and fumes have gone through the air conditioning in the kitchen and front of house. One member of staff is feeling dizzy and faint.

You are required to implement the training kitchen’s emergency evacuation procedures, ensuring that all staff and customers are safely and calmly moved to the ‘muster point’ and the building is secured so that no one else can enter. You will also need to ensure that the ill staff member is taken care of properly.

During the role play, your assessor will be looking to see that you can:

§ Implement and monitor the evacuation of staff and customers according to workplace procedures

§ Manage the security of the premises according to workplace procedures

  • Your assessor will also ask you some verbal questions after the role play. The questions will relate to the following topics:
  • Handling chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Incident and accident reporting
  • Security management of the premises

Assessment Task 5: Emergency Evacuation



All set up instructions for the task are included in the Marking Guide.

Did the student demonstrate they can implement and monitor the evacuation of staff and customers?

Did the student demonstrate they can follow workplace procedures for emergency evacuations?

Did the student demonstrate they can manage the security of the premises according to workplace procedures?

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