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ITC548 System Analysis- Stake Holders Map

Refer to background information provided in Assessment 1 regarding the Headspace project. In 2005 the Australian Government allocated S54 million to establish the National Youth Mental Health Foundation (later to be named headspace). -Our brief is to make sure services are available at the earliest possible point when problems emerge. The criteria to get help is pretty simple — you must be 12 — 25. That's it.' Aimed to address the health and wellbeing concerns of young people by providing a holistic platform of care. This would give teenagers and young adults comfort that their support will be co-ordinated and integrated across primary and specialist care, and not just focus on the 'illness' but also social inclusion and recovery.

Youth assigned to a headspace case worker may subsequently be admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) of the local regional hospital. Currently there the no requirement for the ED staff to notify the headspace case worker when a client has been released. Sometimes case workers are notified, but often not. It means that days and even weeks can transpire before a case worker becomes aware of that release. In the mean time the young person tends to return to the environment and circles of influence that led to the mental health problems in the first place, without the coping and support mechanisms that a case worker can provide.
Consider that funding has been approved for a project to build a system that will capture the 'story' the first time it is told, and give access to successive professionals, so that case notes and the story can become enriched, and the young person can be assisted more appropriately. You are the business systems analyst assigned to the project. you will need to produce:
Stakeholder map
  • Draw stakeholder role names on a stakeholder map with 4 quadrants. Internal-Operation, Internal-Executive, External-Operation. External-Executive
  • For each stakeholder, describe why they have an interest in the project. 

Create one questionnaire that you would send to one stakeholder group with an aim to help you identify further details about the environment, the problem area and/or how the system would operate to help solve the problem.
  • Identify which stakeholder you are going to send the questionnaire to 
  • Write an introduction statement that would go with the questionnaire explaining the purpose of the questionnaire 
  • Write 10 questions, either open and/or closed ended questions
  • This should be written as a questionnaire that could be distributed 
  • Only write the questions, you should not write the answers
Use Case diagram and descriptions 
  • Draw a use case model for the information system
  • Write brief Use Case description for each Use Case in the diagram
  • Write one fully developed Use Case description for one of the important Use Cases identified. Select an important Use Case that is key part of the system, not a basic simple Use Case. 


Impacts of political and economic factors on marketing in emerging markets

Stake holders Map

Stakeholders’ interests





They participate in the providing capital, resourcing, coordinating and production of the strategy from a local health and well-being partnership;


These are operations that are directly affected, either positively or negatively, by an effort or the actions of the project Implementation.


Such stakeholders engaged in contributing their opinions and experiences in addressing the issues that are important to them as patients, service users, caretakers and members of the local community.


These are operations that are indirectly affected, either positively or negatively, by an effort or the actions of the project

Questionnaire for Internal Executive

We invite you to participate in our research study. The purpose of the study is to help get further details about the environment. This study involves identifying problem areas and how the system would operate to solve them.  It should not take more than 15 minutes of your time.

The information collected will be kept strictly confidential.  Your participation is completely voluntary and anonymous.  You may withdraw from this study at any time. Please indicate that you have read, understood and agree to participate in this survey.

If agreed, please proceed with the Survey:

1. How many users will login to the system at the same time? What is the expected user growth?
2. When is the system expected to be available?
3. Should any environmental factors be considered during development of the system? (Temperatures, humidity, power, etc.)?
4. Should novice users require online help, what’s the best platform? What short-cuts are needed to enhance usability by users?
5. What do you think is the best formal system training? What type of system documentation is needed?
6. How long do transactions need to be retained? What frequency of backups is needed? In case of a disaster what backup and recovery mechanisms are needed?
7. What is the level of security needed to be implemented in the system?
8. What is the user workflow in place currently? 
9. What adjustments and improvements would you want to see to this current workflow?
10. What audit requirements are needed?

Use Case Model


Patient Admission/ Registration- helps in capturing patient’s data and handles patient’s queries.

Patient Appointment- when the patient has been assigned a unique number that  has been generated the patient is given  appointment time the receptionist.

File Medical reports- After examining the patient has been examined the test reports re stored for future reference.

Add/Delete/Edit Doctor/Staff- This module helps in managing staff data.

The Important use case is the;

Patient discharge and notification of the headspace- this module helps to make sure that case workers are notified to avoid the young person tending to return to the environment and circles of influence that led to the mental health problems.


Bucholtz, A. K. and Carroll, A. B. 2012. Business and Society , Ethics and Stakeholder Management. 8th edition. South-Western. Cengage Learning. Latest edition Young, T. L. 2013.

Successful Project Management (Creating Success) , 4th Edition. Kogan Page. 2016. Stakeholder Management Templates. Blank Mapping Template and

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