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Accounting Theories - Whistle-Blower in Barclays

ACC5216 Accounting Theory


This assignment is a research based essay where you are required to relate a real world case study to accounting theory. Below you will find links to news article relating to the fine of ‘Barclays’ CEO after trying to expose whistleblower. Whilst this article provides the context for this assignment, you need to ensure that you also refer to other sources. You also need to incorporate both academic and non-academic articles but must have at least 10 academic journal article references from which you will refer to theoretical issues. (Please make sure that you know what an academic reference is).

Using the news article provided below as a base, and referring to other appropriate literature, discuss and critically evaluate the following:

 Determine the facts of the case. Who is a whistleblower?

 Identify and discuss why the Barclays CEO was trying to expose whistleblower.

 Describe an accounting theory that may help explaining the CEO’s conduct leading to the whistleblowing. Critically link that theory with CEO’s behaviour.

 Using a second accounting theory, explain how your chosen theory may apply to whistleblowing. How this theory is related to whistleblower behaviour?

 Using a third accounting theory, explain the regulator’s quest to make the CEO accountable.

 Compare, contrast and critically evaluate the three theories you have chosen.

 YOU MUST relate your answers to the link between theory and practice.

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