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AHC32516 Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work

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The qualification of Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites work generally enables to properly undertake all the work that ae mainly get associated with proper inspecting, effectively authenticating and properly preserving the aboriginal culture as well as heritage sites. This qualification effectively permits the individuals to properly get operate under the recognized, and it required proper supervision for all those works that mainly get related and associated with inspection, documentation as well as maintaining the Aboriginal culture as well as several heritage sites.

There is no requirement of fees while pursuing this course as with this it is effectively get recommended that all the participants who are pursuing this qualification must get seek an endorsement for the local aboriginal communities and an effective local aboriginal leadership while at the time of enrolling in this qualification. While entering this qualification there is not requirement for licensing, no any need for legislative or the certifications at the time of applying for this course.

Major entry requirements for the course.

There is no requirement for fees in the course as the course mainly get consist of total of 15 units in which

  • 9 core units and
  • 6 elective units

Core Units


Protecting places of the significance of aboriginal culture.


Properly relating all the aboriginal culture to the site's work.


Properly identifying and recording all aboriginal sites, major objectives as well as cultural landscapes.


Applying several cultural significances to the aboriginal sites and on to the landscapes.


Effectively moving and storing all materials related to aboriginal culture.


Properly maintaining an effective cultural site.


Applying knowledge for the relevant legislation to the aboriginal-related site works.


Following several Aboriginal cultural protocols.


Effectively contributing to the work, health, as well as safety, related all processes.

Elective units

This get comprises of Group A and Group B

Group A


Effectively working with several aboriginal ceremonials having some secrets fr sacred materials.


Using several technologies related to the aboriginal site works.


Effectively supporting all the documentation for the aboriginal cultural landscapes.


Properly interpreting all the landscape for aboriginal culture


Working with several aboriginal communities as well as with organizations


Effectively implementing several aboriginal cultures for the burning practices.


Effectively get planning for the successful practices for cultural work.

Group B


Effectively identifying all indigenous related traditionally noteworthy plants.


Survey and report for the aboriginal cultural-related sites.


Preparing andd applying for chemicals.


Transporting as well as storing of chemicals.


Responding with respect to wildlife emergencies.


Maintaining culturally related places.


Effectively recording all information that is related to the country.


Providing suitable information related to cultural knowledge.


Recording of all documents that are related to the history of communities.


Implementation of several policies related to improvement, proper construction, and repairment.


Supervising all park-related visitor activities.


Construction of accessed tracks.


Carrying out of all inspections that are related to the designated areas.


Performing diving for methodical determinations.


The undertaking of specimen and testing for water.


Erecting structure as well as features of the timber.


Effectively operating several specialized types of machinery and their effective equipment.


Operating chemical operations for types of machinery as well as for equipment.


Carrying out of several natural areas for the restoration-related works.


Effectively operating four-wheel drive for the unsealed roads.


Interpretation of several aspects for local culture of Australian indigenous.


Effectively working as a guide.


Researching and sharing of several general information of culture of Australian indigenous.


Preparing for specialized content interpretation for the landscapes, flora, and fauna.


Preparing for specialized content interpretation for the culture and heritage environments.


Developing several interpretive-related activities.


Addressing various protocol-related requirements.

Skills Required

  • Effectively protecting all cultural places.
  • Properly following all culturally related protocols.
  • Effectively applying aboriginal legislation knowledge for the site works that is related to Islander Torres strait.
  • Properly identifying, documenting, and maintaining all aboriginal and sites, and objectives of Torres Strait of Islander.
  • Properly moving as well as storing of artifacts.
  • Effectively get consulting with the communities of Torres Strait of Islander

Developing capacities.

  • Cooperative nature.
  • Having effective and great communication skills.
  • Driving to protecting all heritage-related sites.
  • Passionate for aboriginal as well as the culture of Torres Strait of Islander.
  • Sensitive to the cultural diversities and people of Torres Strait of Islander.

Scope for the students.

After completion of this course Certificate, III in Aboriginal Sites work the students would get a countrywide accredited qualification for the certificate level III.

Career Opportunities for students.

After completing the course and getting the certificate of certificate level 3 of countrywide accredited qualification the students would effectively make their career in the field of

  • Diploma in ecosystem management and Conservation.
  • Diploma for several aboriginal-related studies for both professional as well as community-related developments.

Major demands in Industries.

In industries, there are higher demands for cultural specialties for the reason that there are a smaller number of qualified or aboriginal or there is the lesser number for Torres Strait Islander’s site workers. While working in this field the students and others who are pursuing this course would effectively get an opportunity to properly uncover and effectively get able to preserve all historical tools and being a part for maintain several year’s history and knowledge.


It could be effectively seen that the course Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites work has major effective career field for the students and after completing this course the students would get a certificate level 3 of countrywide accredited qualification with the help of which the students can effectively make their career in the field of ecosystem management and can effectively work in the community-related development works as this qualification effectively allows the students to properly get operate under the field of cultural supervision to effectively undertake all types of works that are associated with inspection, and maintaining of several aboriginal cultures as well as several heritage sites.

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