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AHC60520 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture

AHC60520 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture

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Arboriculture is the management, cultivation, and study of trees and plants. To study how these plants grow and cultivate in the surroundings are included in arboriculture. The way a plant grows and survives in the surrounding area is included in arboriculture. The study of arboriculture has many processes the starting is the selection. The selection of the plants. The second step is planting. In this process, a learner or the arborist plants new seeds for cultivation. The third step is training which is then followed by fertilization. Both these are the steps that make the person work on the seeds. Afterward, there is pest and pathogen control. This was done to protect seeds. The steps that followed pathogen control are pruning shaping and lastly the removal. The removal of the seedling for the new plant and also to grab fruits is the last step. A person who is involved in the activity of arboriculture is called an arborist. An arborist is also called the tree surgeon. In the study of arboriculture, an arborist is expected to study all the laws and risk management techniques. It is not false to say that humans have exploited the earth a lot and are still not concerned about its renewability. In the long run, it will prove harmful for humans to survive here. Through this course, one may act as a helping hand for the benefit of Earth and mankind. The demand for this course is increasing because of the condition of Earth. This is a good course for people who wanted to study trees in detail and explore every aspect of green life.

There are many courses related to the forest and plants. Arboriculture is one such course that is related to plants and trees. A person who has a diploma in this field of arboriculture can pursue an advanced diploma in the same field.

As per the records, the arborists who already have pursued the aviation course are happy with the advanced diploma in this course. There are about 74% of the arborists who are satisfied with the course of advance diploma. Furthermore, as per the records, the improves the status of work after this course of the employees are 53% which is a good number. Besides these two advantages, there is a hike in the salary of the people after the completion of this course.

Description of the Qualification

This course is designed for students who already have the skills and knowledge in the same sector. The learners who have pursued the management course at a basic level in arboriculture can pursue the same course at the advanced level.

Many skills are needed to pursue and complete the course. The requirements of the knowledge and the skills are mentioned below:

  • Designing, Planning, and diagnostics of trees.
  • Forest performance of the urban area and management.
  • Strategies development and treatment of the trees.

The entry requirements for the learner

For the entry in the course, an individual must have the following:

  • A diploma course in arboriculture
  • Higher education in the same field, or the related degree in the course.
  • A work experience as the manager in the sector of arboriculture

Course details

For the completion of the course, a learner must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Total 10 units must be cleared by the learner.
  • Out of which 4 are core units.
  • 6 Elective units from which a learner can choose.

The units selected must be qualified by the Australian qualification framework (AQF). The elective units can be chosen by the candidate.





Test report


Measuring and improving urban forests’ performance.


Providing the consultation.


Tree management plan





Generation of the tree plans using computer software


Review and development of the strategies of tree policy


Analysation of data with geographical information


Development and implementation of a health management strategy for plant.


Field trial’s conducting and designing.


Development and creation of the requirements for compliance.


Strategic planning implementation.


Business planning implementation.


GIS data manipulation and analysis


Usage of carbon accounting for estimating the emissions


Sustainable tree analysis.


Applying the conflict resolution strategies


Management of the contracts and contractors


Providing geographic information systems data


Protection of the culture and heritage.


Implementation of the policy management.

*The units selected from the above elective units must be qualified by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF)


There are many benefits offered to the learners. Many incentives and training are provided to the learners. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to students who are not able to afford this course. This proves beneficial to the employees who wanted a career hike in the sector of arborists. With the increase in the technology of arborists, there is a need for the people who can design it, operate it, and maintain it. With the task of operation comes the responsibility of building and hiring experienced arborists. In the era where arborists are working on sustainable practices for maintaining the greenery and extending the life of people on earth. Many researchers have tried to design such plants that can give the earth a healthy life. and air cars. The need for an arborist is increasing day by day. The course is designed for the students who have pursued the diploma of arboriculture at a basic level, and also are working in this industry. He/she is the senior among all the arborists and responsible for the decisions that will be taken.

Another benefit of the course is that is it also available online. So, one can pursue it side by side with the job. This course will not only prove beneficial for the pockets but also for the Earth. The people who are concerned about the Earth and its sustainability can research in this field. Many tree surgeons are working on the sustainability of the Earth and hybridizing trees that can prove to be beneficial for us.

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