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Biotechnology Assignment Help for Medical Students

Biotechnology is the automation applied to biology, molecular biology, and many other subfields of biology.

As you see recent approaches in biotechnology are helping people around the globe prepare for and meet society’s most difficult challenges. And this has a profound impact on the universities of Australia with growing no. Of students.

Here we have tried to create a platform which would help the students get rid of their assignment woes.


Biotechnology help include bio-sciences that compose a vast discipline comprising of biotechnology as its sub-field.

Biotechnology is the useful hi-tech application of living organisms in order to develop modified products. It is a mixture of technology, micro-biology, computer sciences and chemical engineering.

Biotechnology revolves within the relationship between technology and biology, that is the imposition of technology to biological principles.


Humans have been using bio-technology in order to sustain plants and convert food sources.

Early agriculturalists used to select crops that would withstand the attack of pests and insects and also lead to a high amount of yield.

further people located organisms that would trap nitrogen and lead to greater productivity.

Then fermentation was found which was used in the brewing and leavening of bread. People for a long time had done selective breeding without knowing that it was another form of bio-technological discovery.

Later in 19th century, Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection of species while allocating his theory of evolution.

In 1917, Chaim Weizmann utilized microbiological culture in an industrial process in order to produce acetone which was employed in producing explosives. Thus, biotechnology contributed several experiments and inventions towards the fields of medicine and industry etc.

In the recent years of civilization, we have seen impressive discoveries being made in the field of genetics. The marvels of genetic engineering are for everyone in this world. Scientists now-a-days can produce the genetic structure of an organism by introducing a new DNA.


The main areas of bio-technology are as follows:


Bio-informatics utilizes computer science, mathematics and other subjects to analyze and undertake biological data.

It is hugely operated in genetic mapping and proceeding gene related information.


Bio-robotics is another incorporative field used in biotechnology using biological information to study and advance robots that can emulate biological functions.

Bio-Process Engineering

Bio-engineering utilizes knowledge of biology to process various useful products in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemicals which are environmentally demonstrable and biologically useful.

Chemical Engineering

Biotechnology also includes chemical engineering that joins chemistry and engineering to put them to use for the automotive industry.


Biotechnology utilizes cellular and biomolecular procedures to create automation and products that help in refine our lives and the nature.

Main fields included are,


Biotechnology improvises crop insect defiance's, enhances crop herbicide tolerance and ease the use of more environmentally supportable farming practices.

Biotechnology provides the world by producing higher crop yields with lesser inputs, using biotech crops that need few procedures of pesticides and that helps farmers to decrease tilling farmland.


Biotechnology cured the world by utilizing nature's own blessings and using our own genetic to improve and guide lines of research by decreasing rates of infectious disease, saving millions of lives.

life-threatening environment affecting millions around the world, altering treatments to individuals to minimize health risks and side effects.


Industrial usage of biology has eased to produce new chemicals, food products, detergents, etc.

While working on this, biotechnology has helped in lowering the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints.


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