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BSBWHS501 - Online Activities

BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace

Week 1

Activity – WHS Introduction

Answer the following question.

1. List any four basic areas that must be covered in any WHS induction training program.

2. List at least five resources required to effectively manage WHS in any workplace.

3. Briefly describe the range of sources you would use to share the outcomes of participation and consultation to workers on WHS procedures.

4. Organisations should regularly review compliance with WHS legislation. List the various steps that should be taken by organisation for ensuring organisation's WHS policies meeting WHS legislation?

Week 2

Activity – WHS Legislative

Answer the following question.

1. List down the stages of the Hierarchy of Control and explain in no more than 200 words how it affects the WHS.

2. In the context of the WHSA 2011, list down any three WHS legislative reporting requirement for workplace incident.

Week 3

Activity – WHS Consultation

Answer the following question.

1. What could do you do to ensure workers are complying with WHS policies and procedures?

2. Identify any four WHS legislation, regulations and codes of practice that could apply to this PCBU and work site?

3. Provide a mechanism for setting up a consultation and participatory arrangement.

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