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CHCECE019 Early Childhood Education and Care

Theory Assessment

Early Childhood Education and Care


Facilitate compliance in an education and care service

Student assessment instructions

This workbook is a key part of your assessment of competence for the module. You are required to complete all work placement tasks and answer all questions included in this workbook as thoroughly as possible. Your completed answers are required to be submitted via CANVAS, the online learning platform in a word or PDF format.

Your competence in this cluster of units will be assessed by the following methods:

  • Your successful completion of the Theory Assessment tasks
  • Your successful completion of all the quizzes

Your tasks are based on the requirements of the unit

CHCECE019 – Facilitate compliance in an education and care service

Before you submit this assessment task, you will need to have completed:

  • The Theory Assessment task – Theory tasks are the mostly short answer and scenario
    tasks. It is expected that answers will be provided in full sentences, dot points are to be
    avoided at the diploma level. In Diploma courses using references is suggested, (this
    means giving credit to the original source) and this can be done by footnoting or a
  • Quizzes – The quizzes are a range of multiple choice questions designed to display
    your understadning in for parts of this unit. You are required to attain a 90% result for
    to be deemed satisfactory.

Competent outcome:

To be deemed competent in the unit the above assessment components must be satisfactorily completed. For each assessment task, you will be issued with a determination of "Satisfactory" or "Not Yet Satisfactory". When all tasks have been completed and assessed as satisfactory, you will be deemed competent. All Students are given three attempts to be marked competent in each assessment.

Not Yet Satisfactory outcome:

If you are issued with an outcome of “Not Yet Satisfactory” for this assessment, your assessor will identify the areas that need further attention and will arrange further training where appropriate to address any skills gaps identified in the assessment process. You will be asked to resubmit these areas that were not satisfactorily completed within a specific timeframe.

All Students are given two opportunities for reassessment to ensure they have been given enough time and instruction to obtain the required skills in all areas of this unit. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence to prove current competence in this subject area, you will be required to participate in a gap assessment covering the areas where your knowledge
and skills have not met the minimum requirements.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your assessment decision, you have the right to appeal. For information on your rights to appeal you can ask to refer to your online student
information for procedures to follow.

Cheating and Plagiarism:

Linx Institute encourages a co-operative learning environment. However, all assessment material issued to students is to be completed on an individual basis, and any work which is not your own should be appropriately referenced. Allegations of cheating, plagiarism, collusion or interference with another student's academic work or performance will be referred to the Academic Manager.

If you are found guilty of cheating or plagiarism a "Not Competent" outcome will be awarded, and you may be prohibited from continuing with that unit of study. If the Academic Manager deems the conduct to be of serious nature, the matter will be referred to the Operations Manager of Linx Institute.

All the above courses of action would require you to attend an interview with a trainer and assessor and where appropriate, the Academic Manager. Where inappropriate conduct continues, your enrolment may be terminated.

Where do I direct my questions related to assessments?

You can contact your assessor directly should you have questions about your assessment.

Question 1

In your own words, give an explanation of what the NQF is and what it involves:     

Question 2

What can services do to ensure self-assessment is available at the service to inform discussion of the assessment and rating process?     

Question 3

  1. What information needs to be recorded from the self-assessment process against the standards and elements of NQF?
  2. How can staff share information with their colleagues about assessment and rating process?     

Question 4

What is the purpose of a QIP?

Question 5

Ensure you discuss your plan to undertake this task with your supervisor to ensure you will not be disrupting any experiences or parts of the program, as planned by the educators.

Complete the CHCECE019 Early Childhood Education and Cares below of a Quality Improvement Plan for Quality Area 5 – Relationships with children.

You will need to arrange appropriate times to discuss the QIP with your supervisor and educators you will be working with. Note: Keep in mind that your supervisor and centre educators have their own daily tasks they need to be focusing on. Ensure you plan a time to share and discuss this task well in advance.

Document your findings below:

Quality Area 5: Related sections of the National Law and National Regulations

Standard/element National Law (section) and National Regulations (regulation)
5.2Section 166Offence to use inappropriate discipline
5.1, 5.2Regulation 155Interactions with children
5.2Regulation 156Relationships in groups
Related requirements
5.1, 5.2Regulation 73Educational program
5.1, 5.2Regulation 74 Documenting of child assessments or evaluations for
delivery of educational program
5.1, 5.2Regulation 162(2)(j) Policies and procedures are required in relation to interactions with children, including the matters set out in regulations 155 and 156

Quality Improvement Plan for QA5

Summary of strengths for QA5

Strengths [Summarise strengths identified in the self-assessment process. Delete if not required]
Key improvements sought for QA5
Standard/element [number] [Include the element number (left) and description from QA5 table]
Identified issue [Briefly summarise the issue identified during the self- assessment process, then complete the improvement planning table on the next page. Delete rows not required]

Key improvements sought for Quality Area 5

Improvement plan

Standard/element Identified Issue

What outcome or goal do we seek?

Priority (L/M/H) How will we get this outcome? (Steps) Success measure By when?

Question 6

What is the assessment and rating process and why is it in place?

Question 7

How could services inform all stakeholders that the service will be undergoing the assessment and rating process?

Question 8 How can services check the accuracy and completion of all documentation that is required for the assessment and rating process?

Question 9

How can services ensure that all staff are aware of what is required of them during assessment visits?

Question 10

  1. Outline the procedure and details of a prescribed medication an educator needs to check before administering it:
  2. How must medication be stored appropriately in your service?
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