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COMP247 Data Communications

                    {`Department of Computing
COMP247 Data Communications
Assignment 2, Session 1, 2019
Macquarie University

Network Analysis and Design


Write a short introduction to the subject here highlighting the most important points you are about to explain.

More paragraphs.

Section one

Intro to section 1

Subsection one

Subsections that clearly explain single concepts can be used.

Subsection two

Paragraphs should be 5 to 10 lines (not a hard rule).

Subsequent paragraphs.

Subsection three

Note use of sans-serif typeface for headings and serif typefaces for body text. Some find serif too formal. I use a more rounded and friendly typeface like Palatino rather than the rather legalistic Times.

Avoid Microsoft typefaces. Many typographers consider them ugly and their use at least lazy. Probably the worst is Arial which is a copy of Helvetica.


Write a short conclusion drawing together the results of your paper.

This is just a suggested COMP247 Data Communications for Apple Pages and Microsoft Word. There is no compulsion to use it, especially for those who typeset using TeX, LaTeX, etc.

Don’t double space lines.

Don’t use underlines. These obscure descenders like on{" "} y and g. Underlines were the only highlight{" "} available on typewriters. Now we have bold and italic.

Don’t follow headings with a colon ‘:’. I don’t know where this style has suddenly appeared from, but it is just extra blotches on the page.

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