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This assignment requires you to apply Systems theory and approaches explored in this unit to a client in case study.

This include topic from:

  • Working with behavioural approaches or
  • Working with service users and carers

Through the application of theory you are required as the social worker to outline the assessment and interventions, and strengths and weaknesses applicable to the client and situation, guided by systems theory approach.

Episode of ‘Redfern Now’ have been selected as case study for this unit. Redfern Now Series 1 Episode 1, (available on ABC iview) you are required to select LILY as your client. Please click on the link to watch: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/redfern-now/IP1104H001S00

Your assignment must clearly identify:

Client history: Who is the client and provide a brief client history.

  • Assessment and intervention: From the perspective of the practice theory being applied, refer to assessment and intervention tools (such as genogram or risk assessment. You are no required to draw lily’s genogram).
  • Strengths and limitations: From the perspective of the social worker, identify the /strengths and limitation of the practice theory.
  • Critical reflection: From the perspective of you as a social work student, you are required to engage in a reflective process on how the client/situation impacted on you and how you may have come to an awareness of the clients situation.

You must include an introduction and conclusion.

Please read widely about the various client issues (e.g. mental health, child and family wellbeing, family violence etc.) as this is how professional social worker would proceed. It is strongly recommended to use information from the unit books and journal provided below plus any other sources you have researched.

Beresford, P. (2012) ‘Chapter 1.{" "} The Theory and Philosophy Behind User Involvement’. And Conclusion: ‘The Personal is Still Political’. In Beresford, P. and Carr, S. (Eds) Social Care, Service Users and User Involvement. Research Highlights, No. 55 London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Connolly, M. and Harms, L. (2015) Social Work. From{" "} theory to Practice 2nd Edn. Cambridge Press: North Melbourne.

Payne, M. (2014){" "} In Modern Social Work Theory (4th Edn) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Myer, R. Lewis, S. and James, R. (2013){" "} The introduction of a task model for crisis intervention . Journal of Mental Health Counselling 35 3, 95-107

Trevithick, P. (2012) In Social Work Skills and Knowledge. A practice handbook. (3rd Edn). Open University Press: McGraw-Hill House: Berkshire.

We require a minimum of ten references from journals and social work books (not websites or wiki!)

HSW111 Rubric for AT2


  • Clear identification of the service user and discussion of their background.
  • Presentation of the assessment and intervention as guided and informed by theory and demonstrated skills in applying theory to case scenario.
  • Identification and discussion of the theory’s strengths and limitations in addressing the client’s situation.
  • Evidence of critical reflection exploring personal response to the service user/situation and exploration of how these responses may have impacted your assessment and intervention.
  • Academic skills, including: structure, syntax, evidence of reading, appropriate and accurate referencing.
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