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MGT215 Project Management Individual Assignment

Assignment Information

Word Count: 2500 - 3000 words

Weightage – 20%

Total Marks: 100 Marks


You have been appointed as a project Manager for a project that requires a special attention to prepare a project document for the Top Management.

You project should be a small-sized project (up to $1 million in value) which is to be completed longest by a year of its commencement. The project must have at least 10 main activities.

Project Document includes

  1. Define your organization and importance of the project. (20 Marks) Nominating an organization of your choice whose operating in disciple of construction/ management/ Marketing/Technology. Nominate a suitable project (for example road development, sub divisional development, power station, an ERP establishment, installation, maintenance, surveying, etc.)
  2. Prepare a Project scope statement for your project (30 Marks)
  3. Create a list of activities and it duration for the project (15 Marks)
  4. Incorporate a list of resources required for each activity listed (10 Marks)
  5. Cost estimation:- The estimated cost for developing and managing the entire project should include the infrastructure costs of project including salary, hardware, software and other cost which you think possible. (10 Marks)
  6. Draw a Gantt chart to schedule the entire project (7 Marks)
  7. Presentation of the report including Executive Summary, Tables of Content, etc. (5 Marks)

Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your report an extra edge.

You are also encouraged to add in pictures of the relevant categories that you could acquire either from the Internet or newspapers cuttings.

Make your report as realistic as possible as we all know that this is just a fictional exercise. All assignments should be submitted in a formal assignment format such as Introduction, Body, Conclusion and References etc.

Assignments must be handed in on time or at least on the stipulated date.

Extensions will only be given under exceptional circumstances and will only be granted if notification is received in writing.

  • Some reasons for not allowing extensions are:
    • Extensions are unfair to those who have worked hard to deliver assignments on TIME.
    • the lecturer cannot cover the solution until the last assignment has been handed in o A late assignment in my subject would usually leads to late assignments in other subject, and leading to a deterioration in the quality of work submitted
    • Rigid deadlines exist in the real working environment.
  • All assignment work should be substantially your own
  • Working closely with someone else on a non-group assignment is considered cheating
  • Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse.
  • All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Assignment Cover Sheet clearly stated with proper identification

Marking rubric – Individual Assignment 1


5 marks

Define the Organization/ Background

5 marks

Strategic Objectives, Mission, Vision

5 marks

Importance of the project

5 marks

Project Scope Statement

Project Scope Justification

5 Marks

Project scope description

5 Marks

Project Acceptance Criteria

5 Marks

Project Deliverables

5 Marks

Project Exclusions

3 Marks

Project Limitations

3 marks

Project Assumptions

4 Marks

List of Activities

10 Marks

Duration Specifications

5 Marks

List of resources for each Activity

10 Marks

Cost Estimation

10 Marks

Gantt Chart

10 Marks

Report Format

5 Marks


100 Marks

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