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MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments Assessment 4

Assessment 4

Lengths:- 1000 words

The task

Copy the below five questions into a new word document and answer them individually by reflecting on your own individual experiences.

Question 1: What did you understand tourism planning environments to be before you enrolled in the courses?

Question 2: How has your understanding tourism planning environments changed over the course of studying this unit?

Question 3: Read section 13.4.2 'Skills and Knowledge' of the text. Identify and explain three key skills or knowledge sets you have learned by completing this unit and that will be useful in your current/future professional career. Explain what you learned and how you practiced these in the preparation of assessment items.

Question 4: Explain what is the single most important skill you have developed or refined by completing this unit?

Question 5: Having completed this unit, are you more or less likely to seek employment in the area of tourism planning and policy development? Explain why?

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