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Big Data Basics-INFS 5095

Big Data Basics

INFS 5095


Assignment 2

(Internal and External)

Develop a proposal for management of a nominated organisation to implement Big Data capabilities. Include a high-level architecture and recommendations of which Big Data technologies and methodologies should be introduced and why.

This assignment is giving you practice in bringing together the knowledge you have acquired in this course, applying it to a business need and being able to communicate that. Imagine that you are presenting your proposal to the senior management team of your chosen organisation. Assume that the audience know little about big data, but they want to make better use of their data which is why you have been invited to submit a proposal.

However, the assignment is not just a sales pitch – you must demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, back up your arguments with evidence, communicate new concepts and demonstrate to the audience that you would be worth engaging.

You are being assessed on demonstrating your understanding and applying it, not just finding and presenting information of ‘experts’. This assignment requires you to work things out yourself as well as making use of research.

Nominated Organisations

Choose one of these:

  • Bunnings Hardware
  • McDonald’s
  • Salvation Army

Or choose your own, but check with the lecturer first. Please do not contact the organisation.

Business priority

Identify a key business priority of your chosen organisation - this shows the audience you understand their needs. You can use their strategic plan or annual report to identify this. Some priorities will be issues or threats the organisation is facing, some will be opportunities or initiatives they are pursuing. Big data is useful in both situations – specially to discover opportunities and issues the organisation

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