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Bivariate data homework help

Usually, when statistics are applied, more than 1 variable is recorded. While the measure of central tendency is used to analyse within a single variable, other techniques are used with multi-variable data to find the relationships within them. When there are three or more sets of variables then it is called multivariable. When just the single variable is given then it is called univariable. But here we will take two variables and thus, it is called bivariable. Bivariate data homework help by us offers you to learn much-much more about bivariate data analysis. Here we will talk about dependent and independent variables and different methods to calculate.

Dependent and Independent variables

The two variables could have many kinds of relations to each other. There can and cannot be the relationship between them. This classifies the variables with “dependent and independent variables”. 

Dependent Variables

The term itself tells that when there is dependency within ‘X’ and ‘Y’ of any kind, they are dependent variables. Here are some examples:

Positive Relationship: This means that the two variables, let it be ‘X’ and ‘Y’, share a positive relationship. That is if ‘X’ grows, ‘Y’ will also grow. And if ‘X’ decreases, ‘Y’ will also decrease.

Negative Relationship: In this relationship, the two variables have an inverted relationship with each other. That is if ‘X’ increases, ‘Y’ will decrease and ‘X’ decreases, ‘Y’ will increase.

There are also other types of dependent variables. To know more about those types and their analysis. To know more about Dependent and Independent variables, get your Bivariate data assignment help from the experts.

Independent Variables

When the given variables of the data set do not depend on each other, then it means that they are independent and do not affect each other’s set. That is, ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are free from each other whether the other grows or decreases. To learn more about Independent variables and to learn to differentiate them from weak correlation get bivariate data homework help from the experts.

Common methods for Bivariate data analysis:

There are many methods for bivariate data analysis, and it depends on various factors as to which one to use. Some of these methods are:

  • Scatter Plot,
  • Regression analysis, and
  • Correlation coefficient.

To learn more about all of these techniques, getting bivariate data assignment help will increase your knowledge and complete your homework.

Correlation Coefficient

The most used correlation coefficient method is used to find the true relation between the two variables. It is calculated through many different formulas, but Pearson’s formula is most used, and it is the following:

r = pearson formula

Sample for Bivariate data

Weight and Height for 5 boys are recorded in the following table:



















Since there are two variables given here, it is Bivariate data. For solutions to this and samples with such solutions get bivariate data homework help.

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Bivariate data analysis
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