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The Poly Corporation case study solution | Case Study Sample

Solution - The Poly Corporation

Polly's critical success factors and Primary objective of company are as following :

1). High quality of Product :customers are looking for the high quality of product and Poly delivered to customer what they required so it's increase the growth of company

2). Effective price : Poly sets the effective price for the product some are relative similar and some are different to other company so the no one can compete with poll's price so in a very short time poly grow more business

3). Acquiring art of the machinery: Poly's new and young company so it's can use effective method to provide their customer quality of product while other company can not adopt this techniques and ineffective technology so poly's company grow more as compare to other companies .

Primary objective of company :

A .Delivered best quality of product

B. Timely delivered product

C. Give tough competition to market

D. Set effective price

E. Runs business smoothly to divide the all departments like production department , financial department etc.

Different types of information helpful in evaluating these objectives

1.Market survey: market survey is most important to know the desired knowledge about the product and competition so the poly's company get to know that how can they sell their product and set their price according to the value of product.

2. Know customer preferences: To survive for long run so it's important for company to know the customers preferences because business run in dynamic environment so customer preferences changes according to the time and their need so it's important to know customer desired.

3. Timely delivery: it's important to delivered the product on time if company fail to do so the customer loose their interest on product which is huge loss for the company because of this company lost his exit customer as well as their target customer.

Mission statement for Poly's company which are as follows :

1).Time delivery : Product should reach to the customer on time so customer feel satisfied to product delivery which is the most important part for the poly's company

2).Effective management : To get success in any business it's important to management team play well and give good performance to company because of management company can achieve their desired goal and objective and as give case study poly's has week management team so it's important to give attention on this so business can run effectively and efficiently .

3). Effective Technology: instead use of manual handling company can use effective technology to handle the data and details of company so the chances of getting wrong to be reduced and on the other hand it can also saves lots of times and money.

4).Quality of product: Poly company ensure that their company provide good quality of product so the customer values and trust for the product can be increased , it's can also affect on sales . Because of this company profit margin also increase

5). Set appropriate price : Poly's company set price appropriate so company can cover their production cost as well as increase their profit margin .

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