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Chartered Competency Assessment Stage 1

Chartered Competency Assessment Stage 1

Want to fly high in your career by getting your dream job?

 Engineers who wish to get professionally certified and want their name to be known by each country of the world have to go through many stages. Getting a certification is never easy. Think of those times when you have to break your legs in school to win that medal; the same goes with a job. We can get anything without doing hard work for it. Several people want to make their career but don't know how to do that. Many engineers want to leave their country and study and make a living abroad. But for that, you have to cross several stages; one of them is STAGE 1 COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT REPORT. It is an assessment report that needs to be presented before the immigrants get a job abroad. Although this assessment does not mean you have got the job offer, this is just a process of permission that you have to take from NER to get settled in Australia. It is an important report, so no one wants to write it casually, and many engineers hire professionals to write it for them. They have to provide the competency assessment report because the reports show skills and abilities that you portray in yourself. It is an assessment one has to follow. And it is not an easy task at all. Showcasing all your crafts and properly mentioning them could be a difficult job to do. If you want to start your career in Australia, you should take engineers Australia membership.

What is a stage 1 competency assessment report?

Stage 1 competency assessment report is important for the entry abroad and practices there to be a recognized member of the engineering group; wherever you complete your engineering studies to be eligible for EA, you have to pass the stages required for the job. Stage 1 competency is all about what jobs you have done or what skills you have. In this assessment, you have to portray the creative crafts required for the particular occupational categoryIt is an assessment where the engineers should have a basic understanding of the important engineering skills for their profession. They should have relevant knowledge about the field they have selected to be known for. In this assessment, they see whether you acquire those skills or not, see if you can manage the situations, and see if you can communicate and be in a respected way with your co-workers. It is just a process to know about your skills and abilities. There are several types of engineering competencies available, but you should choose the one which matches your skills and abilities. You should choose the one where you can prove your abilities and showcase your crafts to impress the EA. They see small details about you; they wouldn't miss anything that you have mentioned. Want to know more about the assessment? Check out our website; a link is mentioned to go directly to the engineers Australia skills assessment discussion forum and discuss your problem.

What are the three basic elements of the stage 1 competency assessment report?

The Stage 1 Competency Assessment depicts that you should have different knowledge and skills in one field, making you successful in the future. It would be perfect for the employer to know your craft and assign you the work you are capable of, and it would also be great for you if you knew everything about your skills. It would be best if you always had good insight into the work assigned to you and knew how to fulfill it with your learning. You should always be ready to broaden your ways, and you should never back out to learn new experiences and know more about the field. Mentioned below are the three important elements that will give you a better view of this. 

  1. Skill and knowledge – you should have a knowledge base of engineering techniques and know-how and when to use your skills. It would be best if you had a basic understanding of the skills that you mentioned in your report. It would help if you had a basic understanding of numerical, and should portray some computer knowledge. They want someone who possesses every kind of knowledge in each field. 
  2. Application ability of engineer – you should have some idea of solving necessary problems. You should know how to apply things where, which means you should have a fluency in using tools and many engineering resources, which is an ability you should acquire before applying.
  3. Perfect attitude towards everything – no one wants an employee with a broad mindset or a positive attitude. It has been seen that people having a silver lining in every situation is more appreciated in a workplace than people with a negative attitude. You should know when to react and when to not; a better understanding of the situation is always appreciated. You should acquire some professional attitudes like; you should have a perfect way to communicate with your seniors and co-workers and know about managing the data. It would be best if you had a clear idea about works and should know how to conduct yourself.

What are the categories that are considered by engineers of Australia for engineering?

The EA recognizes four categories. And they take each category very seriously, and they do the best research on each applicant. They see small details about your application, so don't be casual about it. 

All the employers who are trying to build a career in Australia are required to have their proficiency in English. And also, they have submitted a report about that as well. You can appear the test for English proficiency is IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE ACADEMIC. NER and Engineers of Australia accept all three. There are four sections: 

  1. Professional Engineer- For a professional engineer, you should acquire twelve years of schooling from any known school, a degree from any known college, and have job experience.
  2. Engineering Technologist- As an engineering technologist, one should have a degree of engineering technologist and know old and new technologies.
  3. Engineering Associates- It would be best if you had studied from a known school for engineering associates and should have a two-year advanced diploma in engineering.
  4. Engineering Manager- To apply for an engineering manager, one should have a bachelor's degree in any subject and some work experience.

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