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Chemical Engineering Homework Help

Chemical Engineering Homework Help

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At UrgentHomework we provide assistance for the Chemical Engineering Students having difficulty with the Chemical Engineering Homework help, Chemical Engineering{" "} assignments help , chemical engineering projects help. We have{" "} Tutors {" "} in chemical engineering who are mostly M. Tech. In Chemical Engineering or PHD in Chemical Engineering and ready for any kind of Chemical Engineering Help. We have also a big repository which contains chemical engineering assignments, solutions, Chemical{" "} Research Paper {" "} and Projects in Chemical Engineer. To get instant help for your Chemical Engineering Homework send us your requirement. If you are looking for Chemical Engineering Homework Help or you need Chemical Engineering Solutions of Complex Problem then Just post your homework file below or email your assignment to help @ urgenthomework.com, If you need Chemical Engineering Assignments Answers then ask a Chemical Engineer Expert on UrgentHomework. You can also post chemical engineering questions to the Chemical Engineering Forum at UrgentHomework; we have Expert Online Chemical Engineering Tutors ready 24x7 to provide you Chemical Engineering Tutoring and Chemical Engineering Homework Help.

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Chemical engineering is important and special Engineering field. Chemical Engineers create useful forms of raw materials and Chemicals by using applied Physical Sciences like{" "} Physics {" "} and Chemistry in concert with Advanced Mathematics.

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

The UrgentHomework Chemical Engineering programmed structure for Chemical Engineering course helps covers advanced Courses in Chemical Engineering such as Process Modeling and Simulation{" "} Assignment help,{" "} Homework help and Process Modeling and Simulation Project Help. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Assignment Help and Project Help. Process Optimization help we also offer advanced Process Modeling and Simulation help, Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics homework help, Chemical Engineering dissertation and Project Report Writing Work.

Urgenthomework {" "} program for the Graduate Courses that are offered by various Chemical Engineering departments where we have special team ready to help are as follows:

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  • Fluids Transport Principles and Analysis homework help
  • Process Dynamics and Automatic Control homework help
  • Linear Chemical Process Control Theory homework help
  • Chemical Process Model-Based Control homework help
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics homework help
  • Digital Computational for Chemical Engineers homework help
  • Advanced Transport Phenomena homework help
  • Polymer Processing homework help
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  • Polymer Physics and Engineering homework help
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  • Polymers/Materials Lab homework help
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Sample Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Done by Urgenthomework

CH7003 – Practice Problem Set 1

  1. Q1. The following parallel reactions are known to occur (C A is the concentration of A):

{" "} A R r 1 10C A 0.5 Mole/ Lmin

{" "} A S r 2  5C A Mole/ Lmin

{" "} A T r 3 C A 2 Mole/ Lmin

Q2.The feed concentration is CA0=10 mole/L. The volumetric flow rate is 1000L/min. T is the desired product.

  • Find the optimum selectivity and the{" "} conversion at that point. What is the preferred reactor (PF or CSTR)?{" "}
  • Find the optimum yield and the conversion at that yield. (Please use a graph paper){" "}
  • Express r in terms of CA and describe{" "} how you can graphically determine the volume of reactor needed.
  1. Q3. CSTR and PFTR reactors are used in series for the reaction A 4B, r = kCA 2. The feed consists of 90 mol% A and 10mol% inert gas. A, B, and the inert gas can be regarded as ideal gases. v0 = 5 liter/min, k = 1 liter/mole min, and CA0 = 2 moles/liter. If the conversion after the first reactor is set at 50% and after the second reactor is set at 80%, how should you arrange the reactors to minimize the reactors’ total volume, and what should be the sizes of these two reactors?{" "}
  1. A 100‐Litre CSTR is used for a reaction that follows a 2nd‐order rate law:

{" "} ‐ra = kCA0 2(1‐X)2{" "}

where X is the conversion and CA0 is the inlet concentration of the limiting reactant. A conversion of 75% is achieved in the CSTR. A PFR of the same volume is added in series to the CSTR to increase the conversion. Should it be added before or after the CSTR? What is the final conversion?{" "}

  1. Three reactions occur in an isothermal batch reactor:

A —> B r1=k1CA k 1=0.40 h‐1

A —> C + D r2=k2CA k 2=0.15 h‐1

2A —> E r3=k3CA k 3=0.35 h‐1{" "}

Given the following initial concentrations, what is reaction time needed for 90% conversion?

{" "} CA0= 10 mol/L CB0= 0 mol/L Cc 0= 0.8 mol/L CD0= 0.8 mol/L C E0= 0.5 mol/L

Sample Chemical Engineering Homework Help Answers

Topics in Chemical Engineering

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  • Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Mathematical Techniques
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