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Climate change essay assignment help

Climate change essay assignment help

Climate Change Essay

Climate change in the globe is affected and caused due to different events and activities taking around the world. When the change in climatic conditions takes place, the temperature rises tremendously. The rise in temperature causes and results in many other changes on Earth. For example, natural disasters include floods, droughts, heavy rain, etc. Glaciers and oceans have also experienced many changes such as warming of oceans and resulting in containing more acid content, the melting of glaciers, and the rising of the level of the sea. These changes take place very frequently that occur in the future decades, and present many future challenges to the environment and society. During the past times, the activities conducted by the human released a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other gases which come under greenhouse gases and formed a blanket over the earth, which ultimately traps the energy and warm the atmosphere. This effect is termed the greenhouse effect and it is a natural process and is required to support the earth. On building up of greenhouse, many climate changes resulted in dangerous effects to the ecosystems and human health. Humans have adapted to the stable climate and enjoyed the era of the ice age that ended many years back. A hotter climate usually brings changes that affect the supply of water, power, agriculture, natural environment, and transportation systems. Many climatic changes tend to be unavoidable and nothing can be done to protect and change them. Example: Carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for around a century which results in the continuous warming up of the earth in the upcoming future.

Global warming has taken a bad effect on the globe over the past decade. The rapid increase in the surface of earth temperature on average over the past times because of the greenhouse gases that got released due to human activities that burn fossil fuels. The gases that influence the climatic change on earth are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and dinitrogen-oxide. More than 30 % of the coming sunlight is put back through reflection to space by the spaces having brightness such as ice and clouds. Most of which are replaced by land and ocean and the rest which is left is absorbed by the atmosphere. The solar energy which is absorbed ultimately warms the planet. The radiation and absorption of heat taking place by the atmosphere benefits the living systems on earth. The atmosphere contains major greenhouse gas particles, so majorly the infrared energy emitted by the surface ends up being absorbed by the atmospheric layers. The change in solar energy amount can help and contribute to the control of bad climatic changes. The volcanic eruption badly affects the climate due to the lava and ash occur due to the volcanic eruption. Sustainability is described as maintaining a certain level or limit. In the context of business organizations along with environmental factors, this is described concerning usage of natural resources efficiently and appropriately in the workplace. The ways of utilizing biological things so, that it won't create any scarcity and problems in the future. To maintain a sustained relationship between the environment and workplace there are certain guidelines provided by different agencies on the effective manner of using natural resources. The conservation of these resources by minimizing their waste is a must. The policies and guidelines laid by different agencies and bodies guide the employees and stakeholders to plan things accordingly and give strategies to work effectively. Incorporation of rules and regulations at your workplace makes things serious and minimizes the liability in taking things and natural resources.

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Sustainability practices

  • Green Buildings: This practice was introduced to minimize the use of non-renewable resources and contribute to eco-friendly apartments with causing minimal pollution to the environment.
  • Management of supply chain: A proper management of any good and services supply chain to ensure the minimal exploration of natural resources and wastage to it.
  • Green gas emissions: Making stringent rules and regulations to eliminate misuse of fuels.
  • Product stewardship: Providing a good environmental management strategy.
  • Renewable resources: Effective use of renewable resources and replacing non-renewable resources with them.

Environmental risks

Concerning the changing of climatic conditions worldwide organizations are putting their effort to cause less damage to the environment with minimal activities impacting the environment. Ways in which organizations can cause less damage to the environment are using low carbon technologies. Despite traveling to different locations for attending meetings the employees can use the online platform to hold and attend such sessions. Natural calamities and disasters: Organization must be prepared for any type of unpredictable risks which includes any type of natural disaster. The team should work together and corporate security and recovery teams to find and develop any kind of emergency ready plan which can be implemented in the situation.

Strategies for the risk management

Steps included in the risk management process are,

  1. Identification of risk: finding the risks which are found in the business. For example, risks related to legal activities risks related to the environment, regulation-related risks and risks in marketing, etc. To come to a solution to the problems occurring in an organization identification of the risk related to is the foremost step which is to be done.
  2. Analyzing the risk: Identification of risk should be followed by the analysis like what is the scope of the risk. Which will provide an evaluating parameter to it.
  3. Ranking the risk after the evaluation: Risks must be given with a rank and prioritize accordingly. The most affecting risk needs to be resolved first.
  4. Treating the risk: With a proper plan and executing strategies after a brief discussion with every hierarchy treatment of the risk should be done.
  5. Final review of the risk: it is not possible to eradicate every risk so, it important to review the risk encountered and keep a watch on all risk factors to make it easier for the next time to treat.


In conclusion, each individual is responsible for taking the step to stop global warming and other related bad effects affecting the climate badly. The continuous temperature change of the earth can give rise to the declination and extinction of many living things on earth. The contribution from every person would result in a positive result. To run an environmentally friendly business you need to develop your knowledge and approach towards the alternatives replacement for the activities which causes an environmental violation. The final sustainability policy has been approved; key stakeholders should be informed. Although stakeholders will have been involved at the draft stage, communication and promotional campaigns might be designed. This is to inform stakeholders, elicit their support and ensure that they are on board with the new developments. An effective business plan is committed to giving a quality assured service that ensures the best cleaning at the place. It guarantees you a safe and healthy workplace for the employees and deduces the potential risk and impact on the environment. The company operates and complies with all relevant environmental regulations and works hard in striving pollution-free environment and constructing a healthy environment.

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