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Comprehensive Planning Homework Help

Comprehensive planning is referred to as the determining factor of the community goals and aspirations for the sake of community development. Comprehensive planning helps in deciding on the policy of transportation, utilities, recreation, land use and housing. Comprehensive planning covers a large geographical area with a huge number of areas. This theory is used in the development of an area with helping it to accommodate them with all the facilities that are required for the people to live.

It is a part of strategic management and planning which deals with the utilization and allocation of resources with proper using. It consists of five main steps to keep in mind.

1. Identifying the issue area: The planning starts with the identification of the issue. “What is the issue?” is the first question that is needed to be asked. It addresses the problem or situations like problems relating to the betterment off workers, their living conditions, then people who are residents, property owning, business deals and offices, etc. it deals with the entire problem that is in front of it or the problem that is about to come.

2. Expressing of goals: After identifying the issue area, it is the time for stating the goals or the things you have decided to do for the people or business or any other objective. Deciding on the goals is not an easy thing. And especially not when you have more than one member working in the community. While making decisions or goals, you need to consent with the other members so that there is a mutual understanding on what the community wants.

3. Collection of information: After stating the goals, collection of information is done. It is done in order to know about the condition of the people, one has to do a survey. Generally, one can get all the information he/she requires from the survey offices but many communities go for their own surveys to know better. The survey includes traffic, pollution, population, land as property given to the public, economical condition, social condition, etc. It surveys everything that affects the society. It also notes the factors that affect the society in a negative way and also the society affecting factors that affects positively. Then it decides how to control or eliminate the negative factors and make the positive society developing factors on the plate.

4. Plan preparation: After collection of data and carefully analyzing them, a plan is prepared with the help of it. The plan consists of the information that is needed to develop the community. It includes housing solution, land distribution, job employment, transportation, law enforcement, etc. Anything that helps developing community and erasing the negative components from it is done in the comprehensive planning.

5. Implementation of plan: After collection of data and preparing the plan, next step comes for implementation of it. How can the plan be executed so that it affects the correct place and gives the desired results? It should also be kept in mind that the plan is cost effective and efficient at its work. Now while preparing the execution method, further plans come out. This means that multiple plans take form while achieving one goal. These extras are called alternatives.

6. Evaluating alternatives: It can happen so that the plan first thought of may not be effective or efficient with providing of the result. So, alternate methods are evaluated and checked out as to which one of the many alternate plans are cost effective and time efficient.

7. Plan adoption and implementation: Now comes the part of adopting of a plan out of the many alternative. Time and money are the two intangible (time) and tangible (money) factors on which every company depends on. All the company’s projects are put into these two factors. If a company is not coos effective but is efficient, is not good. Any plan which is cost effective but not time efficient or cannot deliver the project complete by time is also not good. Only the plan which is cost effective and time efficient and will be able to deliver with the plan is adopted.

8. Monitoring of the result: After the plan has been adopted and implemented, it doesn’t mean that the work for the community developer is finished. The real work starts after implementation. In order to do this, the community developers should make a note of the effects it is having on the life or development of the community. It should be kept in mind that while implementation of the plan, it sometimes happens that situation or events happen that are not foreseen. So it is suggested to have a backup plan or update the existing plan so that the work can be done and the goal achieved.

Comprehensive Planning Homework Help

Comprehensive planning helps us in developing a community for the betterment of tomorrow. It makes sure that the work or plan they want to implement or do for the community is perfectly done so that the people could live properly and have a better standard of living. It has a long process which has to be taken carefully and it is mandatory to check out all the steps carefully so that there is no problem in future. It is the duty of the community developer to make sure all the plans have been properly implemented.

This article is all about the comprehensive planning and strategy of the community developers so that they could develop their community. We pointed out the steps and things to be kept in mind while making the decisions or plans on how to implement them. It is a very crucial step for development that all the decisions made should work according to the plan.

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