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CPP60421 Advanced Diploma of Building Design

CPP60421 Advanced Diploma of Building Design

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The course of building designing is based on architectural engineering. The design of the building is a task that requires experience and knowledge. The design also forms the part of the civil construction. A building designer is a person who designs buildings based on the requirements of the people. This demands a special course so that a person may able to fulfill the demands of a person. Many steps are involved in the Building design. The initial step is to develop the interpretation of the project. Then, researching and understanding the project’s site.  And then figuring out the constraints. The next step is to sketch and draw a conclusion. There is a separate course for teaching designing. The course is designed for students who wanted to pursue their career in building design. There is a training program developed for the people who wanted to take their career at an advanced level from this course. There are many programs designed for the advanced level in this course. As per the records, the engineers who already have pursued the designing course are happy with the advanced diploma in this course. There are about 74% of the engineers who are satisfied with the course of advance diploma. Furthermore, as per the records, the improves the status of work after this course of the employees are 53% which is a good number. Besides these two advantages, there is a hike in the salary of the people after the completion of this course. Building Designers may have a background in building, drafting; or trained Architects who haven’t registered with their industry body. Building Designers often specialize in a particular type of design, ranging from houses to shopping centers to churches and schools, and even heritage building restoration. Building Designers spend a lot of time on building sites but work primarily from their office. Overtime can be required to meet project timelines.

The requirement for the course.

The code of the course is (CPP50911) and it is done through TAFE or any Registered Training Organisation. The duration of this course is three years and eighteen months, depending on the institution.

The learner needs to complete the bachelors degree at the University. The skills include Construction, designing and drafting.

Qualification description

The qualification in this regard is for the people who have experience in this field. The course demands a person who can work efficiently in the design of the building. This course is for learners who wanted to pursue their career in building designing. The person must have basic knowledge regarding building designing. This course is at an advanced level of building designing. The learners need to apply knowledge for the requirements of construction, methodology, and also all the requirements that a surveyor needs to have for the perfect survey of the building. This is done by NCC National Construction code. According to which the constriction is allowed for three storeys. And in the square media of about 2000 square metre.

Entry requirement

The learner must have prior knowledge of this field. A learner should have completed the following course for taking admission in the advanced course.

  • CPP50911 Diploma of Building Design, or
  • CPP50921 Diploma of Building Design, or
  • Demonstrated relevant vocational experience, skills, and knowledge commensurate with the scope of work covered in the core units of CPP50920 Diploma of Building Design.

Course details

A learner needs to complete 8 units out of which 6 units are the core units and rets two can be selected by the learner.

Core Units


Elective Units


Total Units


The details of the units and criteria for choosing units are mentioned below.

  • two units from the electives listed below, or
  • one unit from the electives listed below, plus one unit which may be selected from:
  • the CPP80221 Graduate Diploma of Building Design qualification, or
  • any current AQF level 6 qualification or accredited course provided it contributes to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome and does not duplicate the outcome of another unit used to achieve this qualification.

The details of the Core Units are mentioned below.

Unit code

Unit description


Manage business operational plans


Produce compliant designs for Class 2-9 buildings up to three stories


Prepare drawings for planning and building approval for Class 2-9 buildings up to three storeys


Evaluate construction materials, methods, and services for Class 2-9 buildings up to three storeys


Determine compliance requirements for Class 2-9 building designs up to three storeys


Manage the tendering and contract administration process for a client

The details of Elective Units are mentioned below.


Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities


Establish innovative work environments


Undertake project work


Monitor business records systems


Manage team effectiveness


Apply ergonomic principles to accessible building design and fit-out


Prepare a concept design for accessible building work


Produce building information modeling for building design projects


There are many benefits offered to the learners. Many incentives and training are provided to the learners. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to students who are not able to afford this course. This proves beneficial to the employees who wanted a career hike in the sector of designing buildings. With the increase in technology and development, there is a need for people who can design it, operate it, and maintain it. With the task of operation comes the responsibility of building and hiring experienced building surveyors. In the era where engineers are working on unique and beautiful buildings. The need for an experienced engineer is increasing day by day. The growing and developing world has increased the demand for civil engineers. Too many buildings, highways, homes, schools, and many more things are designed and created by a civil engineer. The course is designed for the students who have pursued the diploma of building design at a basic level, and also are working in this industry.

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