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Create the topology map of three routers

Part I: Planning

  • Create the topology map of three (3) routers and three (3) switches using Packet Tracer or MS Visio.
  • Addressing Design: Use private IP network to create your subnets derived using your own original scheme with the following guidelines.
    • IP addresses should be labeled for each router interface on your workspace topology, both serial and Fast Ethernet interfaces. Use VLSM with CIDR notation in lieu of the subnet mask on your labels.
    • Serial links should support two hosts, one for each end.
    • The 3 Switched Ethernet networks will be as follows:
      • A server LAN of 6 host addresses
      • An employee LAN of 126 host addresses
      • A manager LAN of 30 host addresses
    • Label each of your test workstations with its IP address.

Part II: Live Implementation

  • Following your topology plan, select a cable, and physically connect a switch to each of the router's respective Fast Ethernet interfaces.
    • Label the cables (Cat5 straight, crossover, or serial crossover).
  • Make sure you have the physical serial interfaces in place, and create the physical cable linkage by redundantly connecting serial links between the routers.
    • Each router will have two serial links, one for each of the other two routers, ie, a triangle.
  • Configure one test host per switch, and connect each to its respective switch.
  • Change the hostnames of the Routers and Switches to reflect the names on the topology map.
  • Provide each router's Fast Ethernet interfaces with IP addresses.
  • Provide the host machines with an IP address such that they can ping the Fast Ethernet Interface.

Part III: Verification and Submission Requirements

After your network is planned and populated with connected devices, submit a proof of concept of this phase of the planned network.

  1. Submit a screenshotof the topology map using Packet Tracer or MS Visio
  2. There should also be a proof of concept screenshot of a successful ping from a single host to a Fast Ethernet interface.Remember to submit using the format,.
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