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Designing Network Architecture Design

                    ICT50415 Diploma of Information Technology Networking
                    ICTNWK529 Install and manage complex ICT networks Australian
                    Harbour International College


Please read carefully the case study and assessment task details below. You are required to produce and present information appropriate to the needs of the required context and to justify why you have made the recommendations in terms of the requirements of the case study.

Case study scenario

You are working as a Network Engineer for Nubex Technology Pty Ltd. Nubex Technology is currently in the process of setting of seven global DHCP servers as a part of their company expansion across the world.

Your main job is to design the network architecture design for all 7 LANs and WAN connection to connect all LAN across the world as per given network diagram. You are also asked to design IP address scopes for seven global DHCP servers as part of a project to deploy your organisation’s International email system. Since RIP will be the standard routing protocol, zero subnets will be used to conserve IP addresses. You have been told that Network Engineer for Nubex Technology Pty Ltd. is going to use private address

After discussion with the company’s IT Manager, you have identified the number of nodes needed for each LAN which is tabulated below.

LocationNumber of Nodes
Sydney (SY)450
Singapore (SG)190
Berlin (BR)55
London (LD)495
Sacramento (SC)77
Tokyo (TK)95
Bombay (BB)27



As per Case Study, you need to complete the following Tasks (Task 1- Task 18) as a report format and complete the practical tasks in class using Packet Tracer 6.0.1 and also present the report in class using Microsoft Power point.

Task 1:

You are required to find out what types of routers are needed and how many of them are required according to given specification.

Task 2:

You are required to find out how many switches are needed for this complete project and what type of switches will be suitable for each LAN.

Task 3:

Establish the sitting and types of terminals, processors and required protocols and architecture based on technical specification and requirements.

Task 4:

Set up the layout of the complete network in simulated environment using Router SIM network visualizer application software.

Task 5:

Provide details of complete network LAN and WAN diagrams. You need to provide full details of logical and physical topology you going to use, how you going to connect 7 different LAN across different nations, what transmission media would you will and so on.

Task 6:

Design and calculate IP address scopes for seven global DHCP servers as part of a project to deploy your organisation’s International email system

Task 7:

Install and Configure routers, Switches and assign the Dynamic IP address to the LAN Computers and configure appropriate routing Protocol.

Task 8:

Test the entire network Connection using ping commands.

Task 9:

Configure the telnet in each router using telnet.

Task 10:

Shut down all unused port from all switches

Task 11:

Implement the Access Control list in such a way that Sydney local area Network can’t ping Bombay Local Network but Bombay Local area network can ping Sydney Local area network.

Task 12:

Configure secure shell (SSH) on routers to enable secure management

Task 13:

Design and calculate IP address for serial and Ethernet interfaces for each routers

Task 14:

Backup all configuration files in secure place/ FTP Server.

Task 15:

Determine support and training requirement after implementation.

Task 16:

Obtain latest technical specification and pricing by contacting possible vendors.

Task 17:

After completing the project, Create a Sign off sheet that indicate that you have successfully complete network documentation according to organisational standards

Task 18:

Upon completion of your project, you will be required to deliver a 20-minute presentation in class using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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