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Earthquake Homework Help

Following the impact of disastrous earthquake in Nepal on 25th April, 2015, we should be aware of the facts regarding earthquake since it's a horrible natural disaster, destroying the lives as well as the works of the human beings. As we all know earthquake refers to the sudden tremor. Generally it is caused by sudden release of energy in the Earth's covering layer or crust causing the generation of seismic waves. This activity refers to the different frequency, type and size of earthquake. The ground or the earth is made up of huge plates, referred to as Tectonic plates. When these plates rub against each other, the movement enhances release of energy which comes to the surface of the earth and hence the earthquake. Apart from the movement of the plates, it can be triggered by natural events like volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts and so on. As we can well assume the earthquakes are a great threat to our lives as well as nature. An immensely powerful earthquake can gives rise to cliffs or mountains even, can cause landslides, fire, avalanches and tsunamis in case of ocean. Since this has become almost a part of our daily lives, many institutes and schools have this subject on their curriculium. National Earthquake Information center records almost an average of 20,000 earthquakes every year around the world. is willing to help the needy students with their earthquake homework help service.

Earthquake Homework Help

Let us take a look at certain important terminologies related to this topic. Where the earthquake starts is known as the 'hypocentre' and the location, situated directly above the hypocentre is the 'epicentre'. The earth has four major layers: inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. The crust is made up of several thin pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. These techtonic pieces or plates move around very slowly and the places where these plates meet are called 'faults'. Seismometers is used to measure the earthquakes. There are two kinds of scales: The most common one is the Moment Magnitude, on which earthquakes larger than almost 5 are reported. The other one is Richter Magnitude Scale, which is used to measure earthquakes smaller than magnitude 5. The lowest and weakest earthquake is of the magnitude 3 and the stronger is of magnitude 7 and over. The most recent largest earthquake is of magnitude 9 in Japan in 2011. Intensity of the shaking can be measured through the Mercalli scale.

Assignment On Earthquake

Since earthquake has become one of the natural phenomena these days, many institutions, colleges, universities and geologists are focussing on education their students in this topic. In order to be safe and sound and to know the cause, effects, after-effects of earthquakes, the students must acquire knowledge about this. Sometimes it's difficult to manage an assignment on your own, therefore the students are supposed to seek online help. is willing enough to provide its online help regarding the assignment on earthquake. The assignments will be well researched and well written and plagiarism free. The deadlines and clarity will be the top most priority. The students can contact them through email or phone since it's a 24*7 service and the students' choices will always be the top most priority.

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