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AZ-900 Exam

About AZ-900 Exam

The candidates for this exam should have the foundational knowledge for the cloud services, and also about how all such relevant services are get provided with the Microsoft Azure, and this exam is effectively get intended for all such candidates who generally begin their work with the authentic cloud-based

 best solutions and authentic services that are new for Azure. An Azure Fundamental is one of the great opportunities to prove the best, and authentic knowledge of the cloud services, and also about how all such major services are generally provided with the Microsoft Azure, and this exam is also get intended for the candidates who are just get beginning for the work with cloud-based relevant solutions, and services to those customers who are new to Azure.

For this, particular course exam the candidates should be effectively getting familiar with the concepts related to the technologies, which also includes the concepts related to networking, storage, and compute, applications related support, and the development for an application. An Azure fundamental could also be effectively used to prepare for several other Azure best role-based specialty certifications but inspect of all these, is not the prerequisite to any one of them.

Description related to the certification course Exam

The learning path of this exam effectively help and support the user, and its team members for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam and these courses help support them for understanding the Microsoft Azure, and the candidates who pass the AZ-900 Exam would earn the certification of Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

The AZ-900Exam would test the knowledge of the team members in the four main subjects, and also how the team members effectively cover up all these four main subjects, as mainly for specifying the Microsoft Azure, the team members must start this with the core Azure related best services, with including the network, storage, and the authentic database. After that, also covers the concepts like security, privacy, trust as well as relevant compliances.

Main learning objects for this exam

The major learning objects for this exam effectively consists of the following major things that are mainly as follows:

  • Understanding the concepts of cloud.
  • Learning about the core Azure services.
  • Mastering the relevant security, privacy, compliances as well as trust.
  • Get an understanding of the pricing, and the support of Azure services.

The intended audience of the certification exam

  • The people mainly want for gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of Azure.
  • Those people who generally get preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-900 Exam.
  • There is no any required prerequisite for this particular Microsoft certification exam course.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Fundamentals is the six-part series that teaches the user the basic concepts for cloud, and which generally get offers the streamlined overview of various Azure services, and which also guides with the hands-on best practices to easily get deploy with very first services that are getting offered by them.

After completing the learning path, the user would be capable to get the following this which are mainly as follows:

  • Get an understanding of the main benefits of cloud computing in Azure, and also about how it could save the time, and money of the user.
  • Explaining the cloud concepts like higher availability, authentic major scalability, agility, and disaster recovery.
  • Get describing the core best architecture of Azure, and its related concepts like effective subscriptions, grouping management, and groups of resources.
  • Effectively get summarizing the graphic distribution concepts like regions of Azure, best region pairs, and the availability zones.

About the exam

The exam is effectively designed for the candidates who mainly look for demonstrating the foundation level knowledge for the could service, and how all such major services are generally get provided with the Microsoft Azure, as this exam is mainly get intended for the candidates with having their non-technical backgrounds mainly those people are involved in selling and purchasing the cloud-based best solutions, and related services, as well as those who are having the technical background who need for validating the best foundational level knowledge. The technical IT experiences are not required for some general IT Knowledge, and the related experience would be more beneficial, and authentic.

This exam could be taken as an optional that is the first step in learning is about the cloud services, and how all such main concepts are effectively get exemplified by the Microsoft Azure, and it could also be taken as like the precursor Azure, and the Microsoft cloud services exam, and it would also be the beneficial step for validating the foundation level knowledge as taking this exam is not the pre-requisite as before taking any other type of Azure-based certifications.

Which people can pursue this course?

Following are the people who could effectively pursue this Microsoft certification exam course:

  • The students who are getting looking for demonstrating the foundation-level knowledge of cloud services.
  • The students who are getting looking for how all these major services are generally provided with the Microsoft Azure.
  • The students who are so much interesting in preparing for the AZ-900 Azure certification exam course.
  • The students with having a technical background, and who also want to validate its foundational level knowledge across the cloud services.
  • This course mainly covers the better “Understanding cloud concepts” exam main objectives for AZ-900 Exam.

Agenda of AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification exam course

  • Module 1: Understanding the cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Module 2: Understand core Azure Services (30-35%)
  • Module 3: Understanding security, major compliances, privacy, and trust (25-30%)
  • Module 4: Understanding the pricing, and support of Azure (25-30%)
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