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Exam 350-901 DEVCOR- Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms, and APIs

Introduction to the DEVCOR Exam

Exam DEVCOR (350-901) Developing Applications as mainly through using Cisco Core platforms is a 120-minute exam that is mainly associated with the DevNet Professional relevant certification, and this exam tests the knowledge of the candidate in terms of software development, and design which mainly includes the APIs, Cisco Platforms, and the application deployment, and security, and infrastructure, and effective automation.

Exam details of Cisco 350-901

Exam Name: Developing Applications using Cisco Core platforms, and APIs

Exam Number: 350-901 DEVCOR

Price of Exam: $400 USD

Time Duration of Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is 120 minutes

A number of questions in the Exam: The available number of questions in the Exam is approx. 90-110

Passing score in the Exam: The passing score in the Exam is obtaining marks between 750-850 out t of 1000 marks.

Scheduled Exam: The scheduled exam is Pearson VUE

Practice set for Exam: The practice set for the Exam is Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Practice Test, Paper

Modules of Exam 350-901 DEVCOR

The Cisco Exam 350-901 DEVCOR is mainly divided into 5 modules, and this is further divided into its sub-modules that are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Software development, and Design (20%)

Describing the distributed relevant applications that are mainly related to the main concepts to the front-end, and the balancing load.

Effectively evaluating an application design, mainly with considering the modularity, and scalability.

Evaluating an application design while considering the latency, and the limited rating.

Explain the best architectural patterns.

Construct a sequence diagram that mainly includes the calls for APIs.

Evaluating the relevant choices for the types of databases for the main requirements of the application.

Diagnose the main problems with an application as given the logs that are related to the particular event.

Module 2: Using APIs (20%)

Implement the robust REST API for handling the major errors for the rate limits, and time outs.

Construct an application that mainly consumes REST APIs that effectively supports the pagination.

Describing the relevant stapes in OAuth2 three-legged authorization for the grant flow of code.

Effectively implement the control flow of the consumer code for uncoverable REST API errors.

Module 3: Cisco Platforms (20%)

Describing the major capabilities of App relevant Dynamics while instrumenting an application.

Describe the major steps to effectively build a relevant custom dashboard to present the collected data source from Cisco APIs.

Construct requests for APIs to effectively implement the chatops with the API teams of Webex.

Construct the script of Python using the Cisco DNA centers APIs to get retrieve, and displays the wireless health information.

Module 4: Application Deployment, and Security (20%)

Diagnose a CI/CD pipeline failure

Effectively integrate an application into the major prebuilt CD environment while get leveraging the Dockor, and Kubernetes.

Describing the major benefits of the continuous testing, and the static code analysis in the CI pipeline.

Explain the concerns related to the privacy of data, effective storage as well as transmission of the data source.

Module 5: Infrastructure, and effective Automation (20%)

Explain the major considerations of the model-driven main telemetry.

Construct the workflow to configure network relevant parameters as mainly with including ansible-playbook, and Puppet manifest.

Describe the main process to host an application on the main network device.

This exam tests the knowledge of the candidates in terms of the software development, and effectively design it while designing it with including this as through using APIs, Cisco Platforms, application deployment, effective automation, and infrastructure.

Caching Controls

Caching may mainly interface with the behavior of the application, and the server administrator who may effectively wish to get offer the explicit relevant directions to the cache engines, as the cache-control header is mainly used for this particular purpose, several most often words that are mainly used with these relevant applications are mainly as follows:

  • No-store: The response may not be effectively stored in any particular cache, that is disable caching
  • No-cache: This allows caching, but the stored relevant response must be simply get validated at first before using it.
  • Max age: Time in seconds for a cached copy that is valid with max-age, and so similar to no-cache.
  • Public: Can be easily cached by anyone other.
  • Private: Only the browser/ client may get the cache.

Compression of HTTP Data

Through effectively using the HTTP Compression less data needs to be simply get transferred over the network which mainly results in faster response time while containing lower bandwidth effective utilization. While requesting HTTP a client may simply include the Accept-Encoding header to effectively indicate a relevant list of compression major algorithms that supports clients. The compression is not always accepted by the server and it may effectively cause major issues with the antivirus software, and next-gen firewalls, and may also violate the main policies of the company.

When the server receives a request that may effectively indicate the support of compression, and it may also honor the request an uncompressed response, and if the compression of one method of the client is simply supported then the server may easily decides to effectively use to compress the response, so the server must include the “Content-Encoding” HTTP header.

Reasons for using the pagination in REST APIs

The major reason for effectively using the pagination in REST APIs are mainly as follows:

To save resources: Providing the smaller responses demanded as much less with the compute, and the network resources.

To effectively improve the times of response, and the end-user experience: Due to the paginated response, which is much smaller, this could be simply handled by the server, and the faster network, as the faster network responses, generally provide better user experiences.

CISCO DEVCOR 350-901 Study Guide

CISCO DEVCOR 350-901 Study Guide is effectively designed to help, and support the candidates to make practice, and then prepare for the Cisco Certified DevNet professional Exam: Developing Applications with Using Cisco Core Platforms, and APIs.

Step 1: Understanding the main concepts related to Exam

For pursuing the exam, the candidates at firstly must understand its main objectives, and all its modules, and sub-division in which the entire syllabus for the Exam has been effectively described.

Step 2: Study Resources

  • Microsoft Documentation
  • Instructor-led training
  • Online forums, books, and the practice tests

Step 3: Practice Tests

This is one of the most significant parts of the preparation for an Exam, as this usually begins at the end of the preparation stages for Exam, the candidates who are preparing for the Exams are generally recommended to perform the practice tests at once this mainly comes with the syllabus of Exam, the reason being for this is to just go with the detail of Exam for the evaluation process of Exam MB-240 Practice tests would help the candidates to find their core strengths and the weaker areas which give an upper hand at the main time of the annual exam of the candidate.

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