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Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals

Introduction to the Networking Fundamentals Exam

The candidates for this Exam are familiar with the concepts related to general networking, and its related main technologies, and also for this exam, the candidates should have hands-on experience with the server windows, and windows-based networking, and tools for network management, DNS, and the network main protocols, and relevant main topologies.

MTA Certifications are a great place to easily start with if the candidates like to get into the field of technology, and the MTA Certification would also address the wide spectrum of the basic fundamental technical major concepts, and effectively access, and validate the core technical knowledge, and also get enhancing the technical main credibility.

Candidate Profile for MTA Exam

The MTA Certification programming is specifically designed for secondary, and post-secondary students who are interested in effectively get exploring academics, and batter career options in the field of technology, and it also get offers certification in basic IT, and development to the students, the MTA Certification is mainly designed for the students who are new to the software development, and it is also excluded in the educational settings that easily integrates with the curricula of the existing computer classes. This certification mainly provides a new standard for effectively measuring, and validating the knowledge of fundamental technology. This certification would help the candidate to demonstrate their skills and experience.

About Networking Fundamentals 98-366?

The networking Fundamentals of Microsoft Exam generally validates the understanding of the candidate in the field of wireless networking, IP Addressing, and the wide-area, and local area networks. The MTA is an entry-level certification exam that helps the candidates to follow their career as an IT professional. At while before appearing for this exam, the candidates must possess an understanding of the following skills, and knowledge that are mainly as follows:

Software development fundamentals.

Security, and Database Fundamentals.

System Administrator Fundamentals.

Web development, and Windows development Fundamentals.

The target audience for the Exam

The candidates for this Exam must be familiar with the concepts related to general knowledge, and technologies. In addition to this, the candidates are effectively required to have remarkable hands-on experience with the Windows server, windows-based networking, network management tools, network protocols, and major topologies.

Overview of Microsoft Networking Fundamentals Exam

Name of Exam: Microsoft Technology Associate- Networking Fundamentals

Code of Exam: 98-366

Type of Exam: Networking

Price/cost of Exam: $127 USD

Time Duration of Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is approx. 45 minutes.

The number of questions in the Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is approx. 40 to 60 questions.

Passing score marks in the Exam: The passing score marks in the Exam is approx. obtaining 700 points out of 1000 points.

Schedule Exam: the scheduled exam is Pearson VUE

Practice set for Exam: Microsoft 98-366 certification Practice Exam

Exam outline skills of 98-366: Networking Fundamentals

The Exam 98-366 is generally divided into some modules, and also such modules are further divided into the following sub-modules that are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Understanding network infrastructures (30-35%)

  • Understanding the main concepts of Internet, Intranet, and Extranet
  • Understanding the local area networks.
  • Understand the concept of Wide Area Networks
  • Understand the concept of Wireless networking, the network topologies, and access methods.

Module 2: Understand the network hardware (20-25%)

  • Understand the switches.
  • Understand the main routers, and several media types.

Module 3: Understand the protocols, and services (45-50%)

  • Understand the concept of IPv4
  • Understand the concept of IPv6
  • Understand the resolution names
  • Understanding the networking relevant services
  • Understand the concept of TCP/IP

The Microsoft Networking Fundamentals certification exam is mainly targeted to all those candidates who effectively want to build up their career in the field of Windows server domain, the MTA: Networking Fundamentals Exam generally verifies that the candidates must possess the fundamental, and the best proven-authentic skills in the field of Microsoft MTA windows server Administration fundamentals.

Preparatory Guide for Networking Fundamentals 98-366 Exam

Step 1: Having clarity about the Main concepts of the Exam: This is the first step of the preparation for the exam so to know about the exam, the candidates must visit the official guide for Microsoft Network Fundamentals Exam 98-366, and they must review its objectives while using the MTA Networking Fundamental Exam study guide, as with the help of this the candidates must get familiar to the concepts of Exam.

Step 2: Devise the best study plan: To effectively plan for the Exam, the candidates must frame a relevant strategy, and while devising a plan, the candidates must keep the course topics and syllabus, and while framing a strategy the candidates must6 brush up their weaker section areas. 

Step 3: Referring to some books: The books are the relevant source for preparation, and it has been effectively getting preferred as the most effective way to prepare, and the book generally get offers a depth understanding about the related concepts of Exam, and also it is a plethora of the relevant books in the market, so, the candidates must refer to the Networking Fundamentals MTA Exam 98-366 from the Microsoft Book store.

Step 4: Going for training courses: This is also one of the best steps for preparation, and Microsoft mainly offers 2 instructor-led training which helps the candidates to prepare for the exam.

Step 5: Attempting several practice tests: This is also an important step in the preparatory guide to attempt for the practice tests, and also these tests would help the candidates to keep a check for the preparations and identify the weaker sections. Microsoft 98-366 practice tests would make the candidates understand the format of the Exam, and give a real-time experience for the Exam as the more the candidates make practice, the more they could improve.

Step 6: Join any community or forum: The candidates could effectively join any forum, and community, with this the candidates would easily connect with the best tutors, and experts, with whom guidance the candidates would surely get some authentic way to clear the exam with good grades.

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