Exam AI-102: Designing, and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

About the Exam course Unit AI-102

The candidates for the exam AI-102: Designing, and implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution to effectively get build-up, and also deploying the AI solutions that generally leverage the main cognitive services of Azure, and an Azure also effectively get applied in the AI Services. The candidates for this exam should get proficient in C# or Python, and should be effectively capable of using the REST-based SDKs, and APIs to build the main vision of the computer, and the natural language processing, the relevant knowledge mining, and the best conversational AI solutions on Azure. The applicants of this exam also understand the major components that effectively make up the Azure AI main portfolio for the available data storage main options, and with this, they also need to get capable to apply the best responsible AI principles.

Exam AI-102

This exam effectively measures the ability of the user/candidate to effectively get accomplish the following major technical tasks planning and managing the Azure cognitive services, implementing the solutions of computer vision, implementing the natural language authentic best process solutions, implementing best conversational AI solutions, and the knowledge mining best solutions. This exam would evaluate the knowledge of the candidate in the field of designing, developing as well as managing, and deploying the best AI solutions that are generally used to support the best Cognitive search, and the main cognitive services in the Azure ecosystem. The AI solutions should support the best programmer to effectively optimize the best application developing systems removing the unused, and additional main process, and also maximizing the chances for manual error.

Overview of the learning path

The learning path of the Exam AI-102 is still in its development process, and which effectively requires the authentic content to cover all the main points that are easily get assessed in the exam, and the courses, and labs currently who are available in the learning path which all the candidate to effectively started in preparing for the exam.

The learning path is effectively designed to help, and support the candidate for preparing AI-102 Designing, and Implementing the Microsoft Azure AI Solution Exam for effectively planning for this exam, the candidates are required to make hands-on-practices on such exam, and also effectively starting with becoming an Azure AI engineer.

This exam is the main part of Microsoft’s role-based relevant certification Program and the candidates who effectively pass the Exam AI-102 would earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer best Engineer Associate certification.

The AI-102 Exam tests the knowledge of the candidates for five subject areas that is about planning, and managing an Azure best cognitive services relevant solutions, implementing the best computer vision relevant solutions, and also implementing the language process best solutions, and implementing mining solutions, and the conversational best AI Solutions.

Learning objectives of the Exam AI-102

  • Planning, and managing the best Azure cognitive best service solutions.
  • Implementing the relevant solutions for best cognitive services.
  • Implementing the natural language best processing solutions.
  • Implementing mining solutions, and the conversational best AI Solutions.

The intended audience for the Exam course, and the major perquisites for the exam

  • The software developers who effectively want to build their artificial intelligence best relevant solutions on Azure.
  • People who mainly wants to prepare for Microsoft’s AI-102 Exam


  • Having general knowledge of IT architecture.
  • The software development-related relevant experience especially for using the Rest APIs.

Details of Microsoft AI-102 Exam

The Microsoft Azure AI-102 Exam mainly consists of approx. 40-60 questions that could be simply in the format like as the best scenario-based single answer writing questions, and multiple-choice question answers, and effectively arranging the correct sequence-based type questions, marking review, and drag & drop questions, and for passing the score, the candidates only require for 700 marks out of 1000 marks, and this exam conducts in the English language, and the cost of the exam is $165 USD.

Code of Exam: AI-102

Level of Exam: The level of Exam is Associate level

No. of questions in the Exam: The number of questions in the exam is 40-60.

Cost/Price of Exam: $165 USD

Time duration of the Exam: The time duration of the Exam is 130 minutes.

Passing marks of the Exam: The passing marks of the Exam is 700 marks as of 1000 marks.

Language of Exam: The language of the exam is in the English language.

Scheduling of Exam

The Microsoft Azure The AI-102 Exam tests the knowledge of the candidates for five subject areas that is about planning, and managing an Azure best cognitive services relevant solutions, implementing the best computer vision relevant solutions, also implementing the language process best solutions, and implementing mining solutions, and the conversational best AI Solutions. For effectively scheduling the exam, the candidates are required to log in to their Microsoft Account and fill up the best significant details.

Who should take the exam AI-102 Exam?

  • The candidates who are for the Exam AI-102 should have the best subject matter relevant expertise in the field of effectively get building up, managing as well as get deploying the AL relevant solutions, the best Azure cognitive services, and the cognitive search of Azure.
  • The candidates who understand the major components that easily make up a relevant Azure AI portfolio, and have the best available data storage-related relevant options, and candidates also need to understand and be capable of applying the best AI principles.
  • The candidates who are proficient in Programming languages like C#, Python, and JavaScript.

The course outline of Microsoft AI-102

The designing, and effectively implementing a Microsoft Azure AI relevant solution that mainly covers the following updates which are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Planning, and managing an Azure best cognitive Services authentic solutions

  • Selecting the appropriate main Cognitive services resource.
  • Plan, and configure the Cognitive related best service resource.
  • Creating a cognitive services resource.
  • Plan, and implement the containers for cognitive services.

Module 2: Implement the computer vision solutions

  • Analyzing the images as through using the API main computer vision.
  • Extracting the texts from images.
  • Analyzing the video as through using the video Indexer
  • Implement an object main detection solution with the help of using the custom vision service.

Module 3: Implementing the natural language processing solutions

  • Analyzing the text as through using the Text analytic service
  • Managing relevant speech through using speech services.
  • Translating the languages.
  • Managing the LUIS model.
  • Effectively building an initial language model as through using the Language Understanding Service

Module 4: Implementing knowledge mining related solutions

  • Implementing the cognitive search-related relevant solutions.
  • Implementing the best knowledge store.
  • Managing a Cognitive search solution.
  • Managing to index.

Module 5: Implement the conversational AI Solutions

  • Creating a knowledge base through using the Questions, and answers maker.
  • Design, and implement the conversation flow.
  • Creating a bot as through using the Bot Framework SDK.
  • Integrate the best Cognitive services into a bot.
  • Creating a bot through using the Bot Framework Composer.
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