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Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

About the Exam course unit

The candidates for this exam should have the foundational knowledge for machine learning, as well as also for artificial intelligence, about its main concept, and the best related Microsoft relevant services of Azure. This exam is one of the best opportunities for the students to effectively demonstrate their knowledge for both Machine learning, and Artificial knowledge, and also about its major workloads, and how to effectively implement these on the Azure platform.

This exam is generally get intended for those candidates with having both technical as well as non-technical relevant backgrounds, as the data science, and software engineering get experience for those things that are not required for as some of the general programming knowledge and the relevant experience would be so much beneficial for this. Azure AI Fundamentals could be effectively used for preparing for some other Azure role-based relevant certifications like the Azure Data scientists Associates, and the Azure AI Engineer Associate.

What is Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals and Exam AI-900?

The Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals effectively tests the best foundational knowledge of machine learning, and the Artificial Knowledge, and services in the Microsoft Azure that is generally get catered to the AI, and ML to solve various complex major issues/problems. With the help of Microsoft Azure catering as over 19% of the market share, this is one of the most sought-after cloud ecosystems, and it has the huge and authentic best potentials for the technology best-seasoned professionals. Microsoft has various certification best programs to showcase, and also register the students about their expertise as with comparison to the market demands to the related workforce, and with the Exam AI-900, Microsoft honors the candidates with the best Microsoft certification in Azure AI Fundamentals as while after passing the exam.

Passing score of the Exam

The passing score for the exam is 700 marks out of 1000 Marks, and the test is estimated for 80 minutes, and its main exam is 60 minutes long with other 30 minutes prior as per check-in from the best-appointed time slot.

Scheduling of Exam

The exams could be effectively get scheduled from the Microsoft learning certification section, and for this, the candidate needs to select the type of certification which they want to require, and they need to schedule up their date, make payment for the exam fee, and after that, they can fix their exam schedule.


The exam can also be taken in the Test centers of Microsoft, or either at the home/office, and if the user takes this exam at home, then they will get monitored through Webcam, and Audio and their room will also be get administered from the call from proctor as during the time of check-in before the exam

Skills gained by the students after completing the course Exam

After completing the Azure AI-900 AI Fundamentals Exam the students would effectively get capable to learn about the major types of solutions AI that make the best possible, and relevant services on the Microsoft Azure which the user could easily create.

Following skills gained by the students are mainly as follows:

  • Describing the fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure.
  • Get identify the principles that are responsible for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Describing the learning concepts of the core machine.
  • Easily identifying the features of common workloads of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Describing the main features of the conversational workloads on Azure.
  • Get identifying the types of machine learning.
  • Identifying the tools, and services of Azure for the vision tasks related to computers.

Specialization of AI-900 Exam

This specialization is generally intended for any user/candidate who is interested in effectively get preparing for the certified AI-900 Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Exam, as this program mainly consists of 5 courses that help the candidate to prepare to take the certification exam. With the help of this course, the candidates would effectively get acquire to have the foundational knowledge of the core concepts related to artificial intelligence, and the relevant services in Microsoft Azure that can generally get used to creating the solutions of Artificial Intelligence, and this program is the best opportunity for the students to effectively demonstrate their knowledge for both Machine learning, and the Artificial knowledge, and also about its major workloads. With the end of this program, the candidates would be ready to take, and sign-up for the AI-900 Exam.

Syllabus topics of AZ-900 Exam

Describe AI Workloads, and effective considerations (15-20%)

Describing the fundamental basic principles of Machine Learning on Azure (30-35%)

Describing the features of computer vision workloads on Azure (15-20%)

Describing the main features of National language Processing (NLP) workloads on the Azure (15-20%)

Describing the major features of conversational AI workloads on Azure (15-20%)

Steps to prepare for the AI-900 Exam

The best way to learn for the exam is to get hands-on experience in the particular field, so, for this, Microsoft learn is one of the best platforms to get the relevant resources that would get enable the user to effectively get engaged with the best Azure services that are dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Basics of Artificial Intelligence on Azure

The exam is mainly dedicated to judging the understanding of AI, and about how Azure effectively comes into play, and so, the first step towards this is to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and how Microsoft AI caters to this particular area.

Artificial Intelligence: This is the branch of computer science with has multiple inter-relations to several other domains that mainly refers to the creation of intelligent forms which generally get imitate the capabilities as well as the behavior of human beings.

Machine Learning: This mainly get refers to the process through which machine learning could be easily taught to learn from the data source, and it is the relevant approach of teaching the computer models to learn from the data to make a relevant prediction and draw better conclusions.

Microsoft AI: This is the best powerful framework that effectively gets enables an organization, the researchers, and non-profits to effectively use the AI technologies with having its best powerful framework that mainly offers the best relevant services, and features across the overall domains of Machine learning, data science, IoT, and several other things.

  1. Azure Machine learning studio

The Azure machine learning study is mostly dedicated to the developers, and the data scientists which generally provides the best graphical user interface based- a platform to effectively construct, and use the best workflows to solve the problems related to Machine learning through the help of Azure services.

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