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Exam Az-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

About the Exam Az-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies course

The candidates for this exam should have the best subject matter experts in effectively get designing, as well as get implementing the relevant, best authentic solutions which could effectively run on the Microsoft Azure with including the major aspects like as compute, storage as well as security, and also the candidates should have the intermediate level required skills for effectively get administrating the Azure, and the candidates should also get understand the development of Azure, and the related best process of DevOps.

The major responsibilities for an Azure best solution for an architect generally include advising the stakeholders and effectively get translating the business-related major requirements into the best scalable, secure, and cloud solutions.

An Azure solutions architect partners with having the cloud administrators, the cloud DBAs, and the authentic best clients for effectively implementing all such relevant solutions. A candidate who is going to pursue this certification course exam should have the best advanced, and relevant experience, and best knowledge of IT operations with effectively including the authentic best virtualization, networking, identity as well as the security, and continuity for business, the recovery for disaster, budgeting, and data platform, and the governance, as these roles should effectively manage how all such relevant decisions in each area effectively makes an impact overall solutions, and with addition to this particular role, the role should have the best relevant experiences as mainly with the development of Azure.

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

The candidate could effectively get started with the AZ-303 Microsoft Architect Technologies certification course that is generally targeted to all those candidates to effectively get offer the list of objectives, and the relevant resources which would help the user to prepare for the main relevant items on the AZ-303 Microsoft Architect Technologies certification Exam, its exam would familiar the user with the format, and related environment for an exam.

The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification is mainly targeted at all those candidates who effectively want to make their career in the field of Microsoft Azure domain. The Microsoft certified- Azure best solutions best Architect expert exam which generally get varieties the relevant possess for the candidates, and the best fundamental knowledge, and proven skills in the area of Microsoft MCE Azure authentic Architect best solutions.

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam summary

Name of Exam: Microsoft Certified- Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Code of Exam: AZ-303

Price of Exam: $ 165 (USD)

Duration of Exam: 150 Minutes

The number of questions of Exam: The number of questions in this exam is approx. 40 to 60.

Passing score of the exam: The passing score of this exam is 700 out of 1,000 marks.

Schedule exam: Pearson VUE

Practice Exam: Microsoft AZ-303 Certifications Practice Exam

The AZ-303 exams would test the knowledge of the user in the four main subject areas which have been getting structured as with the learning path, and the candidates and other team members would effectively start with implementing as well as get monitoring the Azure Infrastructure, and this is one of the biggest sections as it generally covers a wider area of the main topic with including virtual machines, and networking, the Azure Active Directory, storage, and various other things also. Azure App services are one of the best container services like Azure Kubernetes Service.

Main learning objects of the exam certification

  • Effectively get implementing as well as monitoring the infrastructure of Azure.
  • Implementing the management, and the authentic best security solutions.
  • Implementing the solutions for an app.
  • Get implement, and manage the platforms for data.

Intended audience

  • The people who mainly want to become an architect for the Azure cloud.
  • The people who generally get preparing for AZ-303 Microsoft’s exam.

Exam syllabus topics of Microsoft AZ-303

Implement, and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure (50-55%)



Implement the monitoring of cloud infrastructure

Monitoring the security

Monitoring performance, and cost

Monitor the health, and better availability.

Configured out the advanced logging.

Get initiate the automated best response through using Action groups.

Configure out as well as effectively manage the advanced alerts.

Implementing the storage accounts

Select the storage account-related best options that are based on the use case.

Configure the main files of Azure and the Blob storage of Azure.

Configure out for accessing the network to the main storage account.

Implementing the Azure AD authorization for the relevant storage.

Get managing the access keys.

Implementing the storage application of Azure.

Implementing the storage account failover for Azure.

Implementing VMs for the windows, and Linux

Configure out the higher availability

Configure the best storage for VMs.

Selecting the virtual best size of the machine

Implement the dedicated hosts of Azure.

Implementing virtual networking

Implementing the VNet-to-VNet authentic connections.

Implementing the VNet peering

Implement Management, and Security Solutions (25-30%)



Managing the workloads in Azure

Migrating the workloads as through using the Azure Migrate.

Gert implementing the Azure Backup for the workloads of Azure.

Implementing disaster recovery.

Implementing the update management for Automation of Azure.

Implementing, and balancing the network security

Implementing Azure Traffic manager

Implementing the front door of Azure.

Implementing the Firewall for a web application.

Implementing the Azure firewall.

Implementing an Azure application main gateway.

Managing the security for applications

Implementing, and configuring out the key vault.

Implementing, and configuring the best-managed identities.

Register, and manage the best-related applications in Azure AD.

Implement Solutions for Apps (10-15%)



Implementing an application best infrastructure

Creating, and configuring the app service of Azure.

Creating an app service web app for the containers

Create, and configure an app service plan.

Configuring the app service

Implementing the logic best apps.

Implementing the functions of Azure.

Implementing the container-based applications

Creating an image for the container.

Configuring the Kubernetes service of Azure.

Pushing the container images.

Deploying the best solution for an Azure best instance of the container.

Implement, and Manage the Data platforms (10-15%)



Implementing No SQL Databases

Configuring the storage tables of Azure.

Selecting the appropriate main cosmos DB APIs.

Setting up the replicas in Cosmos DB

Implementing Azure SQL Databases

Configure the Azure SQL main settings for Databases

Implementing the managed best instances for Azure SQL.

Deploying the SQL Database of Azure.

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