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Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

About the exam unit course

The candidates for this exam effectively should have the authentic subject matter expertise who are effectively implementing the best Azure security-related controls that generally protect the identity, accessing the data, applications, and effective networks in the cloud, and the best hybrid environment that is the major part of an end-to-end main infrastructure.

The candidates who are going to pursue this exam course, have practical experience in the field of administration of Azure, and the hybrid environments, and also in the infrastructure as a code, the best security-related main process of operations, the authentic best cloud capabilities, and the major services of Azure. The Azure security engineers generally serve as the main part of the larger team for effectively get planning and implementing the best cloud-based main management and security. The main responsibilities of the Azure security engineer mainly consist of managing the posture for security, get identifying, and remediating the main vulnerabilities, performing the threat modeling, and also effectively get implementing the protection from threat, and responding towards the escalations for the incident related to security.

The descriptive learning path of Exam

The learning path for the exam is effectively designed to help, and support the candidate, and their team members to get prepare for the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam, and if the candidate is not planning for giving the examination, then such hands-on labs would help them to develop, as well as get manage the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, the AZ-500 exam is the major part of the new role-based certification programs of Microsoft, and the candidate who passes this exam would easily get earn the certified Microsoft that is the Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.

The exam AZ-500 tests the knowledge of the candidate in the various relevant subject areas, and this is about the learning path that has been getting structured by them, this learning path includes various topics like the Group of Network security which includes the topics like Azure Firewalls, the container security, and various other things, and with the help of this learning path the candidates would learn about managing the security-related main operations as through effectively using various tools like as Azure Monitor, the security center of Azure, and the Log Analytics, and the candidate would also learn about the secure data, and its related main applications as through get configuring the best security policies, and get enabling the auditing services.

Who is the intended audience for this exam?

  • The IT Professionals who effectively want to become the Engineers for Azure security Engineers.
  • The IT professionals who generally get preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-500 Exam.

Main prerequisites

  • Having a stronger, and effective knowledge of the main offerings of Azure.
  • Get an understanding of the security principles for basic IT.

Learning Objectives of the AZ-500 Exam

  • Get managing the identities, and access for Azure.
  • Implementing the platform protection for Azure.
  • Managing the best security operations for Azure.
  • Securing the data as well as applications on Azure.

Overview of the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam

Name of the Exam: Microsoft Certified- Azure Security Engineer Associate

Code of Exam: AZ-500

Price of Exam: $165 (USD)

Duration of exam: The duration of the exam is 120 minutes.

Number of questions in the Exam: The number of questions available in the exam is approx., 40-60

Passing score of the Exam: The passing score of the exam is 700 marks out of 1000 Marks. 

Practice Exam: Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Practice Exam

Course objectives of AZ-500 Microsoft Exam

Module 1: Identity, and Access

  • Get configured the Azure Active directory for the workloads, and subscriptions of Azure.
  • Configure the Azure AD main privileged Identity management.
  • Configure out the related security for the subscription of Azure.

Module 2: Protection of Platform

  • Understanding the cloud security
  • Building, and securing a network.
  • Implementing the host security.

Module 3: Security related major operations

  • Configuring the best security services.
  • Configuring the best security policies through using the security-related main issues.
  • Managing the security-related alerts.
  • Creating authentic security baselines.
  • Responding to the remediate issues related to security.

Module 4: Data, and applications

  • Securing an application.
  • Understanding about the application security.
  • Implementing the security for the application lifecycle
  • Configure, and manage the Azure Key Vault

The AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies training aims have its main objective to effectively get enhance the latest knowledge, and the required the best skillset of Microsoft

Azure security engineers who are mainly get involved in the following main areas:

  • Implementation of the security controls.
  • Maintenance for the posture of security.
  • Managing the identity, and access.
  • Protecting the data, applications, and networks.

After completing the course of AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, the candidates would be effectively getting capable to

Identify, and get repair the vulnerabilities through using the major varieties of Security tools.

Implementing the protection for threat.

Responding towards the security incident's main escalations.

This training is effectively get based on the main certification curriculum as online AZ-500 training would help, and support the candidates to learn the major efficient way to effectively implement the secured infrastructure relevant solutions in the Microsoft Azure Platform which would further get prepare the candidate thoroughly for the Microsoft AZ-500 certification exam, and this exam effectively get offers the complete learning path for the candidates, and which includes all the four main subject areas on which the exam is particularly get based on. During the training period time, the candidate is also get required to solve multiple practice papers. So, the training for AZ-500 exam preparation would effectively help, and support the candidate to learn various things including the following:

  • Get managing the identity, and access for Azure Exam.
  • Effectively implementing the protection platform of Azure.
  • Managing the operations of Azure security.
  • Effectively get securing the data and its related applications on Azure.

The reason why the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies best certification?

The AZ-500 Exam is an associate-level exam that had been effectively getting designed to test the candidates for their knowledge in advanced security, and also to get an experience for working with various major aspects of Microsoft Azure as while get pursuing this particular course, the candidates would constantly get capable to expand their hands-on experience as effectively get working with the Azure main technologies as the Microsoft Azure technologies course have its main objective to enhance the knowledge of the user in the following areas like as Identity, and security, monitoring, and hybrid encryption, the database security, and securing apps, and its related main services for the cloud.

This certification is the validation for the updated knowledge on Azure security technologies which effectively get makes the candidate more employable.

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