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Exam Certified Cloud Security Professional

About CCSP

The acronym CCSP stands for the Certified Cloud Security Professional. The ISC has effectively developed this main credential to ensure that the cloud-related security professionals have the required, and relevant knowledge, skills, and major capabilities in the cloud security-related main design, effective implementation, and the relevant architecture, operations, and controls, and the major compliances with the regulatory framework. A CCSP generally get applies the information security expertise to the main cloud computing environment and also get demonstrates competence in the cloud security architecture design, and operations, and the best service orchestration, and through this, the professional competence is measured as against the globally recognized body of the best authentic knowledge.

About CCSP Certification

The CCSP is the premier clouder security certification from ISC, and this is the vendor-neutral certification that mainly gets validates Information Technology, and the security professional’s knowledge, and major competency for effectively applying the best practices to the architecture, design, operations, as well as the best service orchestration for an architecture. The payment for the Membership Fess is $125 for CCSP, and this is effectively required at the beginning of each year that is mainly for a 3-year certification cycle which is mainly based on while the candidate has earned their first certification.

Topics involve in CCSP

The main topics that are effectively included in the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge get ensure about its relevancy as across through main disciplines in the field of cloud security, and the successful candidates have the main competent to follow all such domains, that are mainly as follows:

  • Cloud concepts, Architecture, and authentic designs.
  • Cloud Data Security.
  • Infrastructure security, and the cloud platform.
  • Application security for Cloud.
  • Legal, risk, and the major compliances.
  • Security operations for cloud

Details of CCSP Exam

Length of Exam: The length of the examination is of 3 hours.

Format of Exam: The format of the examination is mainly conducted in multiple-choice questions.

A passing grade of Exam: The passing grade of the examination is 700 marks out of 1000 points.

The number of questions in the exam: There are 125 questions are available in the exam.

Testing center of Examination: The testing center of the Exam is Pearson VUE.

Language availability for Examination: English, and Japanese languages

In the CCSP Exam, the candidate would receive 125 multiple choice questions, and for this, the total time of the exam would be provided is 180 minutes to cover all questions, and the minimum passing marks in the exam is 700 marks, and so, for this, the candidates should answer at least 88 questions to qualify the exam. If the candidate does not pass the exam on his first attempt, then they need to retest themselves after 30 days test free examination, and when they do not pass the exam in also their second attempt then they can give the exam after 60 test-free days.

The targeted audience for Exam

The CCSP exam is generally intended for the experienced cloud security best professionals mainly looking to validate their knowledge, and background, as with the help of this, both the technical and the non-technical elements are properly examined. CCSP is effectively get considered as the top-tier relevant certification with most of the industry, so it would effectively attract security engineers, architects, and also security managers, and security officers.

Objectives of CCSP Exam

Effectively after completing the preparation, and the passing marks of Exam, the candidates would be effectively capable to take up the following consequences that are mainly as follows:

  • Effectively understanding the legal frameworks, and the relevant guidelines that mainly affect the cloud services.
  • Get recognize the fundamentals of data privacy, legislative, and the regulations that are mandatory.
  • Get accessing risks, vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks in the main cloud environment.
  • Get evaluating about what is so much significant to effectively manage the relevant main security operations.
  • Get identifying the key terminology, and the relevant main associated definitions that is mainly related to the cloud technology.
  • Get evaluating a relevant design, and effectively plan for the cloud infrastructure relevant major security controls.
  • Building a relevant business case for cloud adoption, that effectively gets capable to determine the business units with the benefits of the cloud, and the relevant strategies related to the cloud migration.

Required skills measured for this exam

The CCSP Exam effectively get measures the ability of the candidate to know and to easily understand all the modules, and their latest updates from the ISC, CCSP, Common body of knowledge.

Module 1: Cloud-related main concepts, Architecture, and the best authentic design (17%)

  • Understanding the concepts related to cloud computing.
  • Describing an architecture of Reference for the cloud.
  • Evaluating the best Cloud Service Providers.
  • Understanding the relevant Design principles for the security cloud-related major computing.

Module 2: Cloud Governance- Legal, Risk, and the major compliances (13%)

  • Articulating the legal requirements, and unique risks within the cloud environment.
  • Supporting the Digital Forensics, and understanding the privacy-related main issues.
  • Easily understanding the outsourcing and the cloud contract-related relevant designs.
  • Effectively understanding the process of Auditing, relevant Methodologies, and the best required relevant adaptations for the cloud environment.
  • Understanding the major implications of Cloud to the Enterprise related effective management of risks.

Module 3: Security to Cloud Data

  • Learning, and understanding the concepts related to Cloud Data security.
  • Effectively designing, and implementing the best storage architects for Cloud Data.
  • Designing, and implementing the suitability, accountability for the data events, and Traceability.
  • Design, and implement Information rights management.
  • Effectively understanding, and implementing the discovery of data, and the classification of Technologies.

Module 4: Cloud main platform, and a relevant Infrastructure best authentic Security (17%)

  • Comprehend the relevant Cloud infrastructure-related major components.
  • Securing the relevant design for Cloud data.
  • Analysing risks that are mainly get associated with the cloud infrastructure.
  • Designing, and planning the best security controls either for physical or the logical infrastructure cloud.
  • Plan the Disaster Recovery, and the Business continuity.
  • Designing an appropriate identity, and authentic solutions for Access management.

Module 5: Cloud Application Relevant Security (17%)

  • Discussing the training, and awareness for the relevant main application security.
  • Describing the secure software development lifecycle process.
  • Applying the best, and the secured software development cycle.
  • Applying the cloud software best assurance, and validation.
  • Using the verified secure software.
  • Explaining the relevant specifics for the Cloud Application relevant architecture.

Module 6: Cloud Security main operations (!7%)

  • Get operate, and manage the physical, and the logical Infrastructure for the cloud environment.
  • Managing the best security operations.
  • Managing relevant communications with the relevant parties.
  • Implementing the operational main controls, and the relevant standards.


The CCSP Credential has effectively emerged as the best industry for the advanced cloud security practitioners who mainly looks to effectively validate their skills, and with enhancing their careers, and this exam is not the beginner’s certification, so, for this, the candidates are effectively required to demonstrate the 5 years’ experience, and must have the deep understanding of the relevant domains that are generally presented in the Common Body of Knowledge.

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