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Exam:- Certified Information Systems Auditor-CISA

Introduction to the Unit

CISA Certification declares the best expertise team in building, and implementing the best privacy solutions as aligned with the best organizational needs, and goals. CISA generally provides the valid, and reliable means for an enterprise to effectively identify the technologists who are competent in effectively incorporating privacy through designs into the best technology platforms, the relevant products, and processes, bets communicating with the legal professionals, and effectively keeping the organization as compliant with cost-effectively, and that is also cost-effectively. CISA exam generally proves the team who has the technical skills, and authentic knowledge to take this for access, and either building, or implementing the best comprehensive privacy solution while enhancing the value of the business, the customer insights, and trust, and also proving the image of the organization.

Certified Information Systems Auditor-CISA

Certified Information Systems Auditor-CISA generally refers to the relevant designation that is generally issued by the information systems, Audit, and Control Association, as the designation for the global standard for the best professionals who have a relevant career in the field of information system. The CISA holders generally demonstrate to the employers for which they have relevant knowledge, the best technical skills, and major proficiency to meet the dynamic challenges while facing the modern organization.

To effectively receive the CISA certification, the candidates must pass its comprehensive exam and must satisfy the work experience of the industry, and its major requirements, and for this, the candidates must also undergo wit continuing education, and professional development, and also adhere to the ISACA’a code of Professional ethics, and the standards of Information system Auditing.

Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam

The CISA Exam generally lasts for four hours that mainly consist of 150 multiple-choice questions, and this exam mainly tests the knowledge of candidates for five job practice domains that is the process of Auditing system

  • Government, and the Management of IT
  • Information system Acquisition, and its development,
  • Effective implementation, the information system operations
  • Maintenance, and management of service
  • Protection of the information asset, and for this the candidates are required to must pass the exam with a score of 450 marks, and the score of the Exam mainly lies in between the 200, and 800 marks.

Work experience requirements of Certified Information Systems Auditor-CISA Exam

The CISA candidates must have a minimum of five years of professional experience in the information system auditing, control, or security as there are several work experiences for better substitutions, and waivers up to a maximum of three years which the candidates can effectively satisfied for.

A maximum of one year of experience in the information system, or, one year of non-information systems for the experience in auditing.

It has at least 60 to 120 completed university semester credit hours.

Must require the master’s, or the bachelor’s degree from a university that mainly sponsors the programs of ISACA.

Must require a master’s degree in information security or information technology from an ISACA accredited university.

The university instructors who have two years of experience in this particular field like as the conscience field, information system auditing, or accounting, could simply get a substitute that experience as either for one year of work experience.

Who are for the CISA Course?

To become a CISA, the candidates are required to pass the CISA Exam and gain five years of professional IS Auditing or the best control experience in the CISA job practice areas, and so, for this, the certification path is designed for the following people who are mainly as follows:

  1. Auditors
  2. Privacy officers, and IT Consultants
  3. Information security analysts
  4. Anyone who has a desire to get certified in IT auditing.

Objectives of training

Upon the completion of the training program, the participants would gain a relevant insight that is effectively capable to address the following areas as follows:

The main goals, and objectives of IT, and its roles in the internal control systems.

Having a relevant technique that is so much effective, and applicable to plan for the audit, and its performance, relevant information, and the evidence of collection for audits.

The audit, and the performance assessment of the internal control system in management, best-operating activities, and support for IT.

IT security audits, and risk management audits.

This training program mainly aims to make the improvements for making an effective alignment is between the organization, and IT, and the broader business generally needs for its main objectives and effectively realigning the best value proposition for IT Audit. This training program is based on the CISA is the formal certification program, and that is also get approved by the ISACA.

Domains of CISA Practice Areas

Domain 1: Information System Auditing Process

  • IT Audit: Its definition, key principles, goals, and main objectives
  • Main standards, techniques, and relevant approaches that are mainly used in the IT Audits
  • Proper planning for Audit, and the best delivery techniques
  • Gathering some relevant information, and the evidence for an Audit
  • Presenting the major findings, best recommendations, and also the follow-up audits.

Domain 2: Governance, and Management of IT

  • Strategy related to IT, its policies, relevant standards, and procedures
  • Risk management for an Enterprise
  • IT governance major practices, organization, and the segregation of duties
  • Managing the best IT resources, and the main project portfolios.
  • Maturity, and best improvement process for medals.
  • Monitoring for IT performance

Domain 3: Information system Acquisition, proper development, and Implementation

  • Evaluating the investment for IT-related major business cases
  • Properly selecting the vendors, and managing contracts.
  • Project management
  • Software best methodologies, and the best development tools.
  • Proper implementation of information system
  • Implementation of the best quality assessment, and its related main objectives, and major practices.

Domain 4: Information System Operations, and Business Resilience

  • Supporting IT architecture of an organization.
  • Managing the IT services under ITIL.
  • Management of data, and it's quality
  • Management of the business quantity
  • IT services level management practices and the best operational management.

Domain 5: Protection of the Information Assets

  • Seeking the policies, standards, and the main procedures of Information security.
  • Controls, and activities of Information security
  • Cyber threats, and pen-testing
  • Personnel security
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