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Exam- Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

An Introduction to the Exam course Unit

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program was effectively created by the Cloud Native cloud computing Foundation, as in effective collaboration with the Linux Foundation to help, support, and develop the best Kubernetes ecosystem. The Cloud Native computing foundation Exam is mainly committed to growing a relevant opportunity for the Kubernetes administrators, thereby allowing the continued growth to access the broad set for the main companies as well as organizations those using the Kubernetes.

The certification is the key step in such a process that generally allows for the best-certified administrators to quickly get establish the credibility, and best value in the job market, and this also permits the companies to more quickly, and the high-quality best teams to support the growth.

About the Program

The Cloud Native cloud computing Foundation generally offers a certification program is mainly to provide the certification program that mainly permits the candidates to effectively demonstrate the major competence with the best command-line environment.

CKA was created by the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation for effectively-being as part of their ongoing to develop the ecosystem for Kubernetes. The purpose of its to provide the best assurance that the CKAs mainly have their skills, knowledge, and the best-required competency to perform the main responsibilities of the administrators of Kubernetes. It is an online, best-proctored, and performance-based test that is mainly required to solve multiple major issues from the relevant command line.

Learning path of the Exam Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Kubernetes is one of the world’s most popular, and relevant container best orchestration tools that is effectively established by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, as the Kubernetes Administrator Certification is effectively designed to validate the relevant skills of the candidates as for properly working with the Kubernetes. This learning path would also prepare the candidates to understand, and effectively demonstrate the knowledge for each of the general domains, and the best series of labs to build up hands-on Kubernetes experience as with working directly in the live environment and this exam also tests the knowledge of the candidates as along the particular way.

Prerequisites of Exam

A solid, and authentic best understanding of the containers, and dockers in particular would be of great value, and the relevant learning path of Kubernetes is running on the Linux machines, and for this, the candidates must use the virtual machines that run in the public clouds, and with before this working experience with the relevant virtual machines in the relevant cloud environment that is so much beneficial to the candidate.

Domains of Exam

Cluster Architecture, effective Installation, and configuration (25%)

Scheduling, and workloads (15%)

Services, and Networking (20%)

Storage (10%)

Troubleshooting (30%)

Course curriculum

The open-source curriculum for the CNCF certification courses are as follows:

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
  • Kubernetes, and Cloud-Native Associate
  • Certified Kubernetes, and Security Specialists

Learning Objectives of the Exam

The learning path would prepare the candidates to understand as well as effectively demonstrate the knowledge for each of the general domains of the CKA Exam is mainly as follows:

Application Lifecycle Management

Core concepts, and networking

Security, and Scheduling

Storage, and troubleshooting

Logging, and cluster Maintenance

Monitoring, and Maintenance

Exam details

This online exam mainly consists of the set of performance-based items/major issues that are required to be solved in the command line, and for this, the candidates are required to complete the task within under 2 hours.

The exams are mainly delivered online and mainly consist of the performance-based relevant tasks to solve the command line running Linux.

The exams consist of 15 to 20 performance-based tasks.

To complete the Exam, the candidates would get 2 hours for the CKA, and the CKAD Exam.

The exams are get proctored remotely through streaming video, and the screen sharing related main features.

The results of the Exam would be emailed within 24 hours from the time after an exam is completed.

What does the exam demonstrate?

 A certified, and relevant Administrator has the relevant ability to do the basic installations, and also get configuring to effectively manage the best production-grade clusters for Kubernetes, and they also have a better understanding of relevant key concepts like as networking of Kubernetes, relevant storage, and security, proper maintenance, monitoring, and application lifecycle, and the major primitives of API objects, that have the relevant ability to effectively establish the basic use-cases for the end-users.

Certified Kubernetes Administrators

This path generally focuses on the relevant skills, and knowledge that is required to become the fully functioning effective Kubernetes Administrator, and for this the candidates would start their basic administration tasks and relevant understanding for the major capabilities which the Kubernetes mainly provides.

CKA, and CKAD Environment

Each relevant task on this particular exam must be completed on a designated cluster and better configuration context.

To minimize its switching, the tasks are properly grouped so that all relevant questions on a given cluster must appear consecutively.

There is a total of six clusters for CKA and four clusters for the CKAD Exam that mainly comprises the exam environment that is generally made up from getting varying the number of various containers.

The nodes are made from each cluster that could be simply reached through ssh, with the help of using a command.

The candidates could also use the sudo to effectively execute the commands as with the elevated privileges at any particular time.

For convenience to the candidates, they can use the base system, and the best cluster nodes that have the additional command-line tools for pre-installed, and that is also pre-configured.

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