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Exam Certified Penetration Testing Professional

An Introduction to the CPENT Exam

The acronym CPENT stands for Certified Penetration Testing Professional Exam this is a fully online, and remotely proctored practical Exam that generally challenges through a gruiling24 hours performance-based hands-on exam, and this exam is generally broken into 2 practical exams with each consisting of 12 hours that would mainly test the preservance of the candidate and would focus a mainly through forcing the candidate to mainly outdo themselves with facing a new challenge.

This certification program mainly teaches the candidate to perform a penetration exam test in the main enterprise network environment that either be getting attacked, exploited, get evaded, or defended. The live practice of the CPENT Exam would teach the candidate to take up their relevant skills, and major capabilities to the next level by teaching the candidates about the IoT systems, the OT Systems, and building their tools, and with this conducting advanced major binaries exploitation.

Benefits of CPENT

  • This certification exam is mainly designed with the most common, and effective penetration testing practices that are generally offered by the best service providers.
  • It mainly provides strong, and effective reporting over best writing guidance.
  • It majorly gets blended with both the manual and the automated penetration testing best approaches.
  • It mainly provides the candidates with the standard pen test that is generally used in the main field.
  • This certification exam is a 100% methodology-based best penetration testing program.
  • This program is 100% mapped with having a NICE Framework.

CPENT Exam Features

  • Effectively choosing the major challenge that is either two 12-Hour sessions or a single 24-hour exam.
  • Scoring at least 70% marks, and after that, any candidate can effectively become a CPENT.
  • Scoring at least 90% marks, the candidates could effectively earn the highly regarded LPT Master designation.

CPENT Course Details

The course is 100% mapped with having a NICE Framework.

The course mainly gets blended with both manuals as well as the automated major penetration best testing approaches.

The program course maps to the main role of the job for the best penetration tester and the security analyst that is also based on main job portals.

The program gives a real-world experience mainly through an Advanced penetration-related testing range.

It provides strong, and effective reporting writing-related relevant guidance.

It mainly offers the templates that could simply get used to conducting the pen tests for the main wild.

This test is mainly designed based on the most common penetration-relevant testing service providers in the market region.

The target audience for the Exam course Unit

The target audience for this particular Exam course unit is mainly the Ethical hackers, penetration testers, Firewall administrators, system administrators, security testers. The network server administrators, and the risk management professional.

About Certified Penetration Tester

This program course adds value to the information get engaged with the Security Professionals mainly through giving a practical oriented approach for the penetration testing, a candidate who wants to enhance his/her skills, and capabilities in the penetration testing can effectively pursue this particular certification course, and this certification is mainly followed by CEH which mainly demonstrates about the best offensive main approach, and in the basic level of CEH Course, the candidates learn about various hacking tools, and the best authentic major techniques, and this prepares the candidates to extensively get analyze the main results that are mainly provided by the hacking tools as the Penetration testing certification also encourages the candidate to solve major complex problems which it mainly solves in the real-world. This course gives the candidate about an applied as well as the legal main perspective for testing the security architecture to effectively make the program more impermeable for the other external malicious hackers, and with the help of this course, the candidates would learn to generate the report through processing the accumulated relevant information that is generally get retrieved from multiple other pens testing main frameworks.

Course content for CPENT Exam

The CPENT Certification Training course mainly consists of 14 modules, and testing the major abilities for the penetration tester in almost all main vectors of cybersecurity, some main modules of this exam are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to the penetration testing

Module 2: Scoping, and Engagement of Penetration Testing

Module 3: Open-source Intelligence

Module 4: Penetration testing for Social Engineering

Module 5: Network penetration Testing- External testing

Module 6: Network penetration Testing- Internal testing

Module 7: Network penetration Testing- Major perimeter devices

Module 8: Penetration testing for a web application.

Module 9: Wireless Penetration Testing

Module 10: Penetration testing for IoT

Module 11: Penetration testing for OT/SCADA

Module 12: Penetration testing of Cloud

Module 13: Exploitation, and the Binary Analysis

Module 14: Report writing, and actions related to post-testing

The objective of the CPENT Exam course

Advanced windows attacker: This is the major challenge that mainly aims to test the knowledge of the PowerShell of the candidate at where this is generally required to use the best PowerShell as mainly through Bypassing the techniques as along with several other methods to gain access to the windows machine that has been mainly defenced at the particular place.

Bypassing a Filtered Network: In the main segmented architecture, the challenger has to effectively identify the main filtering for architecture, and after it gets leveraging this for gaining an access to the main web applications as mainly through effectively get comprising this, and after that effectively attracting the best-required data source.

Accessing the hidden networks with pivoting: The tester has to mainly penetrate the direct network through effectively identifying the best filtering rules, and attempt to this in the pivots, with the help of a filter into the hidden network as through effectively using the single pivoting methods.

Double Pivoting: CPENT is the first certification in the world that generally requires the candidates to access the hidden networks mainly through using double pivoting.

Attack on the automation with the main scripts: This is the major challenge that requires the tester to effectively use the best-advanced penetration techniques, and authentic best scripting through using the languages like Perl, Python, and using relevant techniques like as Metasploit, and the Fuzzing main techniques.

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