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Exam- Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

Learning Path overview for the Exam

The learning path of this Exam is still in development that generally required additional content to effectively cover up all topics that are generally accessed in the exam, and this learning path is effectively designed to help, and support the candidates to prepare for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification, and the preview of the Learning Path is also so much interactive content which mainly comprised of hands-on labs and the relevant video courses, and this training course has also been effectively created to help, and support the candidates to study for the Docker certification.

Introduction to the Docker certification

The Docker certification is highly in demand in the best IT corporate world, and this certification generally validates that the candidates must possess all technical, and relevant knowledge, skills, and experience with the industry-wide that is generally used with the well-organized credential of the Docker platform. This certification is also effectively designed for the business enterprises Edition platform in the particular business operations, and the candidates with the knowledge and relevant skills who are mainly to apply for the Docker platform is effectively-recognized through the Docker certification, and these candidates are also offered the job positions that are so specific to the Docker platform, and so that it could be properly supported to the process of organization, and which can be also effectively attained so that the maximum benefits to the business can be achieved.

Learning Objectives

The relevant aim of the certification is validating the knowledge of the candidate across several various available domains, which have been effectively been defined by Docker for being capable of following that are mainly as follows:

  • Run the containerized, and the relevant application forms mainly from the pre-existing images which are generally stored in the centralized registry.
  • Effectively deploying the images all over the cluster.
  • Triage, and then resolves the main issue reports from the stakeholders.
  • Standup on the Enterprise cluster with the help of the UCP manager, one DTR Replica, and one worker node.
  • Configure, and troubleshoot the Docker engine.
  • Perform general maintenance and best configuration. Migrate the traditional applications to the containers.

Who is the intended audience for the Exam?

This learning path for the Exam is suitable for all those candidates who want to pass the Docker Certified Associate Certification Exam.

Main prerequisites for the Exam

There is no major prerequisite for the learning path of this Exam, as before taking any actual Docker Certified Associate Exam, the Docker generally recommends at least 6 months to one year of experience with the Docker, as either with including the best exposure to the main enterprise edition of Docker. The best knowledge, relevant skills, and experiences are mainly required at this particular level should also include the following main prerequisites that are mainly as follows:

  • The container security
  • Experience with having at least one cloud provider
  • Best configuration management tools
  • Linux, and Windows server

Benefits of Docker Certification

Effective recognition for the Docker skills with having an official credential for Docker.

Having a digital certificate, and the best use of the Docker Certified Associate Logo.

Online verification of the Docker certified status by the potential employers.

Best exclusive access to the Docker Certified Professional network on LinkedIn, and also invites to the best-certified events only.

Exam details of Docker Certified Associate

It has 13 multiple choices, and 42 discrete option multiple choice questions which the candidates are generally required to complete within 90 minutes.

This exam is effectively designed to validate the best professionals with having a minimum of 6 to 12 months of experience for Docker.

Remotely proctored on the windows or the MAC computer.

This is globally available in the English Language.

The online cost price for the Exam is USD $195.

For such an exam, generally, the results are immediately delivered to the candidate.

Docker has not published any minimum passing marks for the exam this is because the exam questions and the passing scores are subject to change without making any prior notice.

Effectively after completing the exam, the candidates would receive the results with the help of a scorecard report on the testing screen, and also have the best option to request through email that is mainly sent to the email address as that is mainly associated with the Docker ID profile post-exam.

The exam certification is valid for 2 years, and after completion of 2 years, the candidates are required to update their certification.

Major equipment that is required for taking the Docker Certified Associate Exam is remotely online.

All main equipment is already provided to the candidate for on-site Exam main deliveries at the official events the following are the best relevant equipment that is mainly required for online remotely to the main proctored Exam like as follows:

Zoom meeting Desktop client

  • A current version of the Microsoft Windows, or MAC OS X.
  • Google Chrome, and any relevant web browser with having the ability to install a chrome extension.
  • A web camera that is accessible by Google Chrome.

Operating system

  • Required for Windows 7, or later
  • Mac OS X10.8 or later

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome v39 or later.
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
  • Apple Safari v6 or later.

Internet connections

  • 2 MBPS or better that is either better for upload, or download.
  • Hotspots are not recommended with this.

Things that require to be considered while starting the Exam.

Security Procedures-

The following security procedures would effectively apply during the time of examination are as follows:

  • No either notes or books would be allowed.
  • The candidates may not exit the room during exam time.
  • Having access to all personal items, that are limited to this, electronic devices like as watches, cameras, any type of recording equipment, bags, purses, and notes will not be allowed during the exam time.
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking will be allowed during the exam.
  • Copying or communication exam content is get violated by the security regulations.

 No-show policy

The candidates may effectively start their time for up to 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time, and also start the exam no later than 15 minutes as after the scheduled time for the appointment, and fail to start the exam within under 15 minutes for the scheduled appointment time this would result in the system as marking the candidate as a No-show, and after this, the candidates may not capable to give the exam.

Identification major requirements

The candidates must provide a proper, and relevant form of identification, as one form of identification must be a VALID form of government that is the issued identification that bears the signature of the candidate, the full name, and the photograph of the candidate and the second form of identification may be required for this. All identification provided must watch the name on the registration form, and also the examination eligibility form.

Failure to provide all such required identification at the exam time is effectively considered as the missed appointment, and also the candidates may effectively be capable to take the examination at such particular time, and in such a case, the candidates would forfeit the examination fees of the candidates.

In the particular event, if the candidate does not pass the Docker Certified Associate certification exam, then, the candidates may retake the exam, and as for this, the candidates may wait for 14 days from the particular date if the candidate fails to take the exam, then, for this, the candidates would pay the exam price for each particular time if the candidate attempts the exam.

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