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Exam DP-300: Administering the best Relational Database on Microsoft Azure

About the Exam DP-300

The candidates who are available for this exam are the database main administrators, and the specialists of data management that manage the on-premises, and the cloud relational database that is generally built with the Microsoft SQL Server, and the Azure-related Data services of Microsoft.

The Azure database Administrator effectively implements and manages the best operational major aspects of the cloud-native, and the hybrid data platform solutions that get built up on the Azure Data services, and the SQL main server. The Azure database administrators generally use the main varieties of various methods and authentic main tools for performing the day-to-day main operations also including the best-applying knowledge of using T-SQL for having its main purpose of managing the administrative main purposes.

The main role that is effectively responsible for this exam is mainly for management, better availability, and security, and related performance as either for monitoring, and optimizing the best modern relational best database effective solutions, and this role mainly works with the role of Engineer data to effectively manage the best operational major aspects of the relevant solutions that are mainly related to the data sources.

Description About the Exam unit

The learning path is effectively designed to help, and prepare the candidate for DP-300 Administering Relational Database on the Microsoft Azure Exam the hands-on lab practices for such exam would help the candidate to easily get started with the relevant way while effectively becoming the Azure SQL Database specialist. The DP-300 exam is the major part of the new role-based certification program of Microsoft that is generally required to gain the certification of Azure Database Administrator. Database Administration certification would easily find the best builds for DP-300 for the knowledge related to the database which would easily get certify the candidate to easily get administer their SQL main databases for the hosted main Azure.

The prerequisites required for the exam course are having the general knowledge of the concepts related to Relational Database, and also get familiarized with the Fundamentals of Azure Data.

The intended audience for this exam course is all those people who effectively want to become the SQL Database Administrator of Azure, and people who also preparing for Microsoft’s DP-300 Exam.

Learning objectives of Exam course

Several learning objectives of the Exam course are mainly as follows:

Understanding the difference between the SQL Azure offerings, and also about how to get leveraging their related best features.

Implementing the best secure database environment.

Effectively monitor the database and the best server performance,

Get automating the main tasks related database.

Effectively implementing the higher availability, and the recovery for disaster.

Effectively using the T-SQL to perform the database administration-related main tasks.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure Data

  • The candidates for this exam should have the foundational knowledge of the core data-related concepts, and how it gets implemented mainly through using the Microsoft Azure data-related main services.
  • This exam is mainly intended for all those candidates who effectively begin their work with the data in the related main cloud.
  • While get pursuing this exam the candidates should effectively get familiar with the concepts of best relational, and non-relational data, and several types of other data workloads like transactional, and analytical sources.
  • An Azure Data Fundamentals could be effectively used to prepare for some other Azure role-based relevant certifications like the Azure Database Administrator Associate, and the Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Overview of the Microsoft 365 Security Administration Exam

Name of Exam: The name of the Exam is Microsoft 365 Certified- Security Administrator Associate

Code of Exam: The code of the Exam is MS-500

Price/Cost of Exam: The price/cost of the Exam is $ 165 USD

The number of available questions in Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is approx. 40-60 questions.

Passing marks of Exam: The passing score of exams is obtaining 700 Marks out of 1000 Marks.

Schedule exam: The scheduled exam is Pearson VUE

Practice set for Exam: The practice set of Exam is Microsoft MS-500 Certification’s practice Exam.

Exam topic syllabus of Microsoft MS-500

Module 1: Implement, and manage the identity, and access (35-40%)

  • Effectively securing the Microsoft 365 hybrid environments.
  • Securing the best authentic identities.
  • Implementing the best authentication methods, and the relevant best conditional access.
  • Implementing both the roles and the role groups.
  • Configuring, and effectively managing the best identity-related major governance.
  • Implementing the Azure AD identity for protection.

Module 2: Implementing, and managing threat protection

  • Effectively get implement as well as manage the Microsoft defender for identity.
  • Implementing the threat protection main device.
  • Implementing as well as managing the protection application, and the related set device.
  • Implement, and manage the Microsoft Cloud main App security.
  • Monitoring Microsoft 365 Security with the Azure Sentinel.
  • Implement, and manage the Microsoft defender for Office 365.

Module 3: Implement, and manage information protection

  • Managing the best sensitive information.
  • Managing the governance, and retention of data sources.
  • Managing the Data Loss Prevention.

Module 4: Manage the governance, and the best compliance-related main features in Microsoft 365 (20-25%)

  • Configure, and effectively get analyzing the security main reporting.
  • Managing as well analyzing the audit logs, and reports.
  • Discovering, and responding to the compliance-related main queries in Microsoft 365
  • Managing the best regulatory compliances.
  • Managing the insider-relevant risk solutions in Microsoft 365.

The MS-500 Exam is the only exam which effectively needed to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate Best Certification, and the candidates for this exam are must get familiar with the workloads M365, and also, they have strong skills, and experiences with the protection it from an identity, protecting the information, the threat protection, the data governance as well as the security management. With the help of this course, the candidate would also learn how to secure the access of the user, for the resources of an organization.

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