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Exam- EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH V2)

An Introduction to the Exam

The latest version of the Exam EC-Council Certified Incident Handler has been effectively designed as well as developed in effective collaboration with the cybersecurity, and the incident handling, and relevant response practitioners as across the globe. This is a very comprehensive specialist-level program that mainly imparts the knowledge, and relevant skills that organization that is simply need to handle the post breaches major consequences as through reducing the impact of the incident from both the financial, and the reputational perspective.

The ECIH program mainly includes the hands-on learning that is effectively delivered through the labs that are within the training program. ECIH is the driven method program which the users had the best holistic approach to cover vast concepts as with the concerning best organizational incident handling the response from either preparing, and planning for the incident handling response related relevant process to recover the best organizational asset after the security incident.

This program effectively addresses all relevant stages that are mainly involved in the handling of incident, and the process of response to enhance the skills for the incident handler, and relevant responder, and for increasing the employability, and this approach of ECIH is one of the most effective, and comprehensive incident handling response related with the certifications on the market job.

Main purpose of ECIH

The main purpose of ECIH are mainly as follows:

  • To effectively enable the individuals, and the orgaznaitions with having an ability to handle, and respond to various different types of cybersecurity incidents in the best systematic way.
  • To ensure that the orgaznaitions can easily identify, contain, and recover from an attack.
  • To reinstate the regular operations of the organization as so early, and mitigate the negative impact on the business-related major operations.
  • To minimize losses, and after effective breaches for the main incident.
  • To enhance the skills on the incident handling, and boost up the employability.

Why the incident handling is must for every organization?

Effectively being despite for the security measures, the orgaznaitions still find some major difficulty to get withstand with the cyberattacks, and the least of the major consequences are effectively caused by such attacks are also weakening for very foundation of the business process of an organization. An effective incident handling, and the best response program ensures the quick healing as through reducing the time spent on the containment, and also have their aims to reinstate the process of business for the expected level of quality.

About the Exam

ECIH generally permits the cybersecurity professionals to effectively demonstrate their mastery for the knowledge, and skills that is so much required for the Incident handling that are mainly as follows:

Exam Title: EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Exam Code: 212-89

No. of questions in the Exam: The no. of available questions in the Exam is 100

Time Duration of the Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is 3 hrs.

Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal

Test Format of Exam: The test Format of the Exam is Multiple choice questions.

Passing score in the Exam: The passing score in the Exam is obtaining approx. either 60%, or 85% in the Exam.

Eligibility Criteria for the Exam ECIH

The eligibility criteria for the exam of ECIH the candidates have must either:

Attend the official ECIH Training as through any of the EC-Council’s best Authorized training centers, or attend the EC-Council’s live online training through iWeek, or join the self-study program through I Learn


The candidates must have at least with a minimum 1 year of experience in the major domain that would likely to effectively get apply to take the exam as directly without attending the training that is generally required to pay the USD 100 as the examination fee of the Exam.

Who are the Target Audience for the Exam?

The penetration testers, the Network Managers, and the IT Managers

Engineers, and System Administrators

Risk assessment Administrators

Application Security Engineers

Cyber Forensic Administrators

Vulnerability Assessment Auditors

Outline course Skills of the Exam

Module 1: Introduction to the Incident Handling, and Response

Module 2: Incident Handling, and the process of Response

Module 3: Forensic Readiness, and the First Response

Module 4: Handling, and Responding to the Malware incidents

Module 5: Handling, and Responding to the incidents related to email security

Module 6: Handling, and responding to the network Security Incidents

Module 7: Handling, and responding to the Web Applications security incidents

Module 8: Handling, and Responding to the Cloud Security incidents

Module 9: Handling, and Responding to the Insider Threats

Course Objectives

The CIH V2 Certification, and training targets to explain the following main objectives that are mainly as follows:

  • The primary issues that plague a relevant information security domain.
  • Combating several kinds of cybersecurity threats, and the vectors of attack, threat actors, and their main objectives.
  • The core incident management fundamentals that mainly include the incident signs, and costs.
  • Best practices of incident handling, and relevant response, and the cybersecurity frameworks, standards, main laws, and compliances.
  • The core essentials of the computer forensics, and readiness to the forensics.
  • Implementing the appropriate, and relevant techniques for various types of cybersecurity incidents like as malware, cyber security, and email security, and the cloud security.

Reason for hiring for the Incident Handler V2?

The incident handler certification training course instills the major comprehensive understanding for the following main consequences that are mainly as follows:

To understand the basics of incident handling, and response.

To understand the relevant process of incident handling, and response.

Handle, and respond to various malware incidents.

Handle, and respond to the major incidents that are related to the web application security.

Dealing with various incidents that is mainly related to the cloud security.

Detecting, and responding to the inside major threats.

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