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Exam- Flutter Certified Application Developer

Flutter Certified Application Developer

This certification is so much effective and critical for the mobile development career, and this would also enhance the potential in the ever-growing mobile development market that push the development career forward which mainly verifies that the candidate must have the adequate knowledge that is to be effectively considered for an iOS, and Android Developer.

To effectively become a Flutter Certified Application Developer, the candidates have to pass the AFD-200 Exam which generally accesses the knowledge, and experience of the candidate on the main topics that are mainly covered in the “Flutter Application Development” course.

Policies, and Procedures of Exam

The following are the relevant conditions that are effectively applied to all Android ATC exams that are mainly as follows:

All Android ATC exams are closed-book exams.

Each exam mainly consists of 45 multiple-choice questions.

The Time Duration of the Exam is 90 minutes.

During each exam time, the candidates may effectively review the previous answers before submitting the Exam. The exam mainly consists of a coding project, and also an exit interview.

The candidates would receive the score report with their results as immediately after the candidates finish, and submit the Exam.

If the candidate did not pass the Android ATC exam, then, he/she may retake the exam after 24 hours, and the retake of the Exam is not free of charge, and the same time the fee is charged at once after the retake for the exam is booked by the candidate.

The candidates who effectively have attended the Android ATC courses as after when it is expected to pass the corresponding exams easily.

Effectively attending the courses that are not mandatory to sit for the online official’s exam.

The validity of Android certificates does not depend on the particular date at which they were issued, and those who have no expiry date, each of the exams are built for the specific version, the certificates are linked to the particular version, and this is also explicitly shown on the certificates.

Preparation for Exam

To effectively prepare for the Exam test, the candidates may have two available options that are mainly as follows:

Android ATC Authorized Training Centers

This is the first option for the instructor-led in-class or online training on Flutter Certified Application development at the authorized training centers all around the globe, the training partners generally provide the latest curriculum of Flutter application development course, which adheres to the best quality for the training standards. The training curriculum generally offers hands-on experience through a set of practical labs where each topic of the Flutter Certified Application is covered.


This is another relevant option for the candidates which the candidates can effectively own for the self-guide from an Android ATC website the candidates can also online order the study guide. This certification course would give in-depth knowledge to the candidates about the working, and development of Android applications effectively using the Flutter.

Android Flutter Certified Developer is one of the effective, and the best certifications which the Android professionals generally need for Information Technology to grow up higher, and become technically qualified, and for this, the candidates are generally required to take the extreme measures to provide the best quality Flutter Certified Developer Certification Exam this also requires for the candidates to know in this field of the candidates as with the help of Android products the employees would get an effective ability for their performance.

Steps for scheduling the Exam.

To book, and schedule for this certification exam, the candidates are required to follow up on these three relevant options that are mainly as follows:

Android ATC best Authorized Testing Center: The Android ATC exams are available for more than ATC authorized training centers across the worldwide, and to schedule, the exam the candidates are required to visit the nearest Android ATC authorized training center, and then select the country on the list, and the candidates can also contact to these training centers, and could directly ask about the schedule, and price for the Exam, and the contact list is generally updated on the continuous process.

Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Center: Android ATC best Authorized Testing Center generally provides the best-proctored exam that so much corresponds to all its courses through having more than 5000 best authorized Pearson VUE Testing centers worldwide, and the candidate can also schedule their exam at the Pearson VUE.

Online Proctored Exam: Android ATC generally permits the candidate to conveniently, and easily take an exam in the comfort of their home or either in the office while effectively being monitored by the offsite proctor.

Exam details

Android ATC generally provides the official exam for its relevant courses as through the Pearson VUE, as the candidates should abide by the rules, and policies of the security of Exam, following are the details of exam like as follows:

Exam Name: Flutter Certified Application Developer

Exam Code: AFD-200

Languages: English, and Spanish

Passing score in the Exam: 70%

Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions

Time Duration of Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is 90 minutes.

Certification Paths of Graphics

Flutter Certified Application Developer

Flutter Certified Application Development Exam Code: AND-801

Android Certified Application Developer

Android Certified Application Development Exam Code: AND-801

Android Certified Application Engineer

  • Android Application Development Exam Code: AND-801
  • Android Security Essentials Exam Code: AND-802
  • Android Applications UI/UX Design, and Monetization Techniques Exam Code: AND-803

Android Certified Trainer

  • Android Application Development Exam Code: AND-801
  • Android Security Essentials Exam Code: AND-802
  • Android Applications UI/UX Design, and Monetization Techniques Exam Code: AND-803
  • Training Skills for an Android ATC Certified Trainer Exam Code: AND-400

This is a web development course in which the students would receive the training on basics of performing an Android Application Development with Flutter, an Android developer with Flutter generally utilizes the Dart programming language to effectively create apps for an Android OS Platform, and effectively after the completion of this advanced web development training course, the students would adequately skilled to develop the Android Apps with Flutter, and launching this in the relevant app market, and after achieving the certification, the candidates could effectively capable to send their CVs for an Android Application developer with Flutter, and several other best comparable job openings.

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