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Exam MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance, and Operations

The consultants effectively gather, and analyze the major requirements of the business, and then translate all these major requirements into the fully realized best relevant process of business, and the relevant solutions, and then implement this into the best-recommended practices for the industry, and they generally served this as the relevant key resource in effectively get implementing, and get configuring the best apps to meet the requirements of the business. While pursuing this course, the consultants should be effectively getting capable to implement all core main components, and the best features of Dynamics 365 Finance, and the Operation apps, and they should also have a better awareness of how Dynamics 365 Finance and the Operation apps generally get integrates with the best external systems, and the tools at while including this in the Power Platform, as the consultants effectively use the best Lifecycle services, Azure DevOps, and various other Microsoft Tools, and some major platforms to easily get facilitate the application's lifecycles management ALM process. The consultants effectively pursue continuous, and authentic education through reading the released notes products, reviewing the product roadmaps, and also participating in the main conferences.

Which people can pursue this course?

  • The dynamics 365 Finance, and its related better operations for the beginners.
  • Those people who mainly have their main aim to pass MB-300 Microsoft Certification Exam.
  • This particular course is for business users who effectively like to switch their career to the consultants of F&O, and D365.
  • The consultants who get experiences on AX2009, and the better dynamics AX2012 who would effective like to learn F&O, and D365.

Overview of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core Finance, and Operations Exam

Name of Exam: Microsoft Certified- Dynamics 365- Finance, and Operations related main Apps Develop Associate

Code of Exam: The Exam code is MB-300

Price of Exam: $165 USD

A number of available questions in the Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is 120 minutes.

Time Duration of Exam: The time duration of the Exam is approx. 40-60 minutes.

Passing score of Exam: Passing score is 700 marks out of 1000 marks.

Schedule Exam: The scheduled exam is Pearson VUE

Practice set for Exam: Microsoft MB-300 Certification Practice Exam

Exam topic Syllabus of Microsoft MB-300

Module 1: Describe the Finance, and Operations apps, and extend an app through using the Microsoft Power Platform technologies (20-25%)

  • Identifying, and effectively using the most common apps, relevant features, and major functionality.
  • Extending the functionality of an app through using the Microsoft Power Platform relevant main technologies.

Module 2: Configure the best administrative features, and their related workflows (30-35%)

  • Get implementing relevant security.
  • Design, and after that create the workflows, and the business-related main events.
  • Configure the best-related features of administrative organization.
  • Configure the system administration-related main features.

Get managing Finance and the operations data source

  • Effectively managing the data
  • Describing the process of migration.
  • Preparing an effective data source for Migration, and migrating the data to the Finance, and the best operations apps.

Validating, and supporting the relevant solutions (20-25%)

  • Testing the relevant solutions.
  • Describing the best use of Lifecycle services for tools.

Skills gained after completion of the exam course.

After completing the exam course unit, the candidates would effectively get capable to learn the following things that are mainly as follows:

Getting an Overview for Dynamics 365 best application suite.

Get configuring the organization in F&O, and D365., and effectively generate the sequence number with the help of creating the global address book.

Effectively get working with the best workflows in F&O, and D365.

Gained the core concepts for the supply chain, and manufacturing in F&O, and D365.

Easily navigate D365 Finance as well as major operations.

Objectives of MB-300 Exam

MB-300 Exam generally covers a broader range of the relevant information, and which also get evaluates the following skills that are mainly as follows:

  • Implementation, and the Gap Analysis
  • Best solution architect, and the system integration design
  • Migration of Data
  • Business software solutions, and the lifecycle services
  • Management of Application lifecycle

The MB-300 is the core finance, and operations exam that is generally focussed on the major functional side, but regarding this, the user needs to find the best relevant questions regarding the administration task system, and the security configurations, and the candidate for this exam should effectively get capable for analyzing the major requirements of business into the fully realized best relevant process of business. Regarding this, the candidates are required to have an experience with the LCS, and they also get aware of how the Finance, and the operations-related best apps get to integrate with the external systems and tools that include the Power Platform.

The reason why the certifications are so important?

With having the best practical knowledge developers, the candidate could get working for different projects for which the students need to stand out of the dynamics 365 as a relevant career through achieving more. The Microsoft certification has effectively become one of the best expected main components of Dynamics 365 developer CV as along with the deep technical resume.

Certification is required due to the following reason:

The candidate has effectively get invested in achieving professional status in one’s field.

The knowledge base of the user generally includes the best topics for Microsoft.

The knowledge base of the candidate at the current position, and also in the future.

The knowledge base of the candidate is adequate to the workload that is generally described by the certification.

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