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Exam MB-320: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing

An Introduction to the Exam Course Unit

The candidates for this Exam are the functional consultants who effectively analyzes the major requirements of the business, and also translate such requirements into the fully realized processes of business, and relevant solutions which implement the best practices of the industry, as the candidates also serve as a key resource in effectively implementing, and configuring the best applications to meet the main requirements of the business.

The candidates for this Exam should have a fundamental understanding of the best accounting principles, the financial major operations of the business, the customer services, the field service, manufacturing, and retail services, and the concepts of supply chain management. The candidates are also specializing in either one, or more main relevant best feature sets of Finance, and Operations, including finance, and supply chain management.

This exam validates the expertise of the candidate to effectively-being as a Functional consultant, and this opens new realms in the best professional career, this exam helps, and support the candidates to demonstrate the relevant skills in fields like as sales, customer service, management, and also the supply chain management.

What is the MB-320 Exam?

The Microsoft MB-320 Exam is effectively designed for the best Functional consultants who could effectively analyze the main requirements of the business, translate such requirements into the fully-realized business process, and best solutions that implement the best industry practices. This exam effectively enables the candidates to become a key resource in either implementing or configuring the best applications to meet the requirements of the business.

Reason for choosing the MB-320 Exam?

The Microsoft MB-320 Exam is a step for the higher paying job, and a great career, and this exam is best hit for the candidates if the candidates have their main aim to pursue the career as the Functional consultant, and this certification effectively helps the candidates to stand out of the crowd as through validating the expertise of the candidate in the Microsoft 365. So, MB-320 is one of the most effective sought certification, and one of the best ways to advance one’s career.

This certification exam offers the following benefits to the candidates that are mainly as follows:

  • Best competitive edge
  • Validating the skills of the candidate.
  • Promise for higher growth.
  • Bring up effective recognition.
  • Enhances the employability

Exam Details MB-320

 The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing generally covers approx. 40 to 60 multiple choice questions which the candidates are required to complete the exam within 120 minutes. Before venturing to have an effective preparation for the exam, the candidates must have a relevant, and a better understanding of the policies, and procedures of the exam, some basic details of the Exam are mainly as follows:

Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing

Exam Code: MB-320

Time Duration of Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is 120 minutes

Exam Format: Multiple choice, and Multi-Response Questions

No. of Questions: The available number of questions is approx. 40 to 60 questions.

Exam Fee: $165 USD

Exam languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.

Exam type: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Prerequisites of Exam MB-320

For the exam MB-320, the candidates must have a fundamentally better understanding of the accounting principles, the best financial operations of the business, and the customer service, field services, retail, and supply chain management-related main concepts. For this, the candidates must have a basic knowledge of accounting principles, and their best practices.

Retake policy of Exam

If the candidates are not capable to clear the exam on their first attempt, then, after this, Microsoft generally permits the candidates to attempt 5 more times permission to give the exam, as the retake policy of Exam contains the following details that are mainly as follows:

If the candidate is not capable to clear the exam on the first attempt, then, they must wait for at least 24 hours before retaking the Exam.

If the candidate does not clear the exam also for the second time, then the candidate must wait for at least 14 days before retaking the exam for the third time.

A 14-day waiting period is also available for the candidates for the fourth, and the fifth subsequent retaking for the exam.

Cancelation, and the retaking policy for Exam MB-320

Microsoft generally permits for free canceling of the Exam before scheduling an appointment.

But, if the candidate fails to show up their exam date without rescheduling or canceling their exam, then, Microsoft mainly reserves all rights of the candidates to forfeit their entire exam date.

The rescheduling and the cancellation for the scheduled exams could be effectively done through the Certification Dashboard.

Course Outline: Microsoft MB-320

The MB-320 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing exam mainly covers 3 domains, and each of such domains is further divided into subtopics to effectively provide complete clarity about the MB-320 Exam. The percentage against each domain effectively represents its weightage in the Exam.

Domain 1: Configure Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing (35-40%)

  • Configure, and effectively manage the production control main module.
  • Effectively configure, and manage the best resources for the best production process.
  • Configure the best process manufacturing, and the discrete manufacturing
  • Configure lean manufacturing

Domain 2: Manage Manufacturing processes (20-25%)

  • Manage the batch orders and the production orders.
  • Properly manage the Kanban orders.

Domain 3: Implement master planning for production (10-15%)

  • Effective configure and manage the best planning
  • Effectively plan schedule, and perform the production capacity best planning.

Domain 4: Implement other manufacturing best features (15-20%)

  • Effectively configure the relevant execution for manufacturing
  • Configure the best costing policies.
  • Effectively design the product configuration models by using the Product configurator.

Preparatory Guide for the Exam MB-320

Referring to the Official Guide

For this, the candidates are required to go through the official Guide of Microsoft MB-320 Exam, and must familiarise themselves with the main objectives, and relevant course domains for the Exam, and must devote enough time to each topic, so that they must have an in-depth knowledge of the main subjects as while tailoring to the study guide, and must focus around the available course domains.

Devise the best study plan

Effectively strategizing the best study plan. For this, the candidates are required to prepare a daily plan that is to be effectively get accomplished for the devised plan of the candidate. This exam mainly requires the best effect, and main consistency in its best preparation to fixed the best scheduled time, and prepare daily for the exam to avoid distraction.

Look out for the best resources

There are several online resources are available in the relevant marketplace for the Microsoft MB-320 Exam, so the candidates can effectively select the best online resources to effectively prepare for the Exam. Microsoft also provides the learning path to the candidate which is also one of the great ways to prepare for the exam, and these modules also help the candidate to get a hands-on experience and effectively include the technical workshops the candidate.

Joining a community

The candidates can join the online forums, and the best study groups that are indeed a great, and effective way to prepare for the exam MB-320, and the best way to effectively get in touch with the other candidates is through an online study forum, and either through an online group and while joining such particular community, the candidates can effectively ask about their problems and issues with the others.

Attempting practice tests papers

Self-evaluation is the key for success, and hence this is one of the most important steps for the candidate as such practice tests help, and support the candidate to effectively provide with the real exam environment, and also helps, and support the candidate to effectively analyze around the entire areas that need for the improvement. Strengthening the weaker domains would surely help, and support the candidates to pass this with the best flying colors. So, the candidates must try to attempt so many practice tests for which the candidates could effectively apply.

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