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Exam MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance, and Operations Apps best Solution Architect

Introduction to the Exam course Unit

The candidates who are for this Exam are the Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals who generally advise the candidates, and then translate the major requirements of business into secure, scalable, and the best reliable, and authentic solutions. The candidates who are pursuing this exam course should effectively have the knowledge of all Dynamics 365 apps, and the best Power Platform and they must have a deep understanding of Finance, and the best operation Apps, with addition to this, also the candidates should have extensive main domain knowledge in either one and more than one best industry verticals. This role mainly requires the relevant understanding of the candidates regarding how the decisions in each area make an impact on the overall solution.

Who are good for this course?

The Dynamics 365: Finance, and Operations best Apps solutions Architect Expert certification is good for the candidate who are mainly as follows:

Have the best significant experience as a Dynamics 365 Finance, and Operations app best functional consultant, and the technical consultant.

If the candidate is aspiring to be a good solution architect and either who have recently started his/her career journey in the particular field.

If the candidate is so much responsible for its successful, and effective design, effective implementation, and deployment, and a better adoption for the overall technology solution in one’s particular organization.

If the candidate has the best-consulting experience with the organization, and its implementation team members to refine the business needs in well-defined, and cost-effective solutions.

Who should take this Exam?

The Solution Architects Finance and the best Operation Apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are generally trusted with the advisors who mainly consult with the organizations, and effective implementation team members to refine the needs of business in a well-defined, and cost-effective solution.

The solution Architect must have the breadth for complete knowledge, and experiences for spanning up the business needs, and the product-related major capabilities, and so, it must have the functional, and technical expertise for effectively being either as a Developer, or the Functional consultant role in any one of the following like as Finance, Manufacturing, and the Supply chain management and with addition to this, they also have the major extension in the domain knowledge for either one or more industries. A solution architect is mainly accountable for effective integrity, and the successful delivery of complete design solutions, and the architect mainly provides the best critical guidance during the time of pre-sales as throughout the remainder of the project lifecycle to effectively address relevant issues that mainly arises throughout the effective implementation.

Exam details

Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance, and Operations Apps Solution Architect Exam

Code of Exam: MB-700

Length of Exam: The length of the Exam is approx. 50 mins.

No. of available questions: The no. of available questions in the Exam are approx. 40 to 60 questions

Format of Exam: Multiple choice questions

Passing score in the Exam: The passing score in the Exam is obtaining 700 Marks out of 1000 marks.

Language of Exam: The language of the Exam in the English language.

Skills measured outline course for the Exam MB-700

Module 1: Architect Solutions (25-30%)

  • Gathering major requirements
  • Effectively define the relevant solution of Architecture
  • Describing, and documenting the blueprint of the solution.

Module 2: Define the relevant solution related to the main strategies (25-30%)

  • Select the best deployment strategy
  • Define the strategy of application lifecycle management
  • Determining a data management strategy
  • Define the architecture for security

Module 3: Manage effective implementations (25-30%)

  • Describe the Lifecycle services best tools
  • Manage effective instructions with the FastTrack
  • Determine the best support options, and also the licensing major requirements

Module 4: Manage relevant testing (10-15%)

  • Define the testing strategy
  • Define a better performance for the best testing strategy

Major benefits of obtaining MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance, and Operations Apps Solution Architect Exam Certification

This exam certification would judge the skills, and knowledge on the understanding of Microsoft Azure for SAP workloads related to its concepts, and better understanding regarding how to effectively operate on the best planning, and administering the Microsoft Azure for the SAP workloads.

The relevant credential for this exam certification would give an edge over several other counter major parts.

This certification has so useful, and relevant networks that help in setting up career goals for themselves.

MB-700 mainly certified the candidates that they will be confident, and would effectively stand as different from others as this is because the skills of the candidates are more trained than the non-certified professionals.

This exam generally offers the best-proven knowledge to effectively use the tools to complete each task as so efficiently as the other non-certified professionals.

This certification exam course generally provides a better opportunity to get the job easily in which they are more interested.

This exam credential generally delivers a higher earning potential and effectively increased the best promotion-related main opportunities.

Preparation resources of Microsoft MB-700

The MB-700 study guide to effectively accelerate the candidates for their preparation journey to help, and support the Exam that is mainly as follows:

Step 1: Understanding the main concepts related to Exam

This is the first step of the Exam in which the candidates are mainly required to properly understand the major objectives of the Exam and all its domains, and modules so that the candidates could effectively pass the Exam.

Step 2: Study Resources

  • Microsoft Documentation
  • Instructor-led training
  • Online forums, books, and the practice tests

Step 3: Practice Tests

This is one of the most significant parts of the preparation for an Exam, as this usually begins at the end of the preparation stages for Exam, the candidates who are preparing for the Exams are generally recommended to perform the practice tests at once this mainly comes with the syllabus of Exam, the reason being for this is to just go with the detail of Exam for the evaluation process of Exam MB-240 Practice tests would help the candidates to find their core strengths and the weaker areas which give an upper hand at the main time of the annual exam of the candidate.

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