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Exam MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019)

Exam MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019)

Introduction to the Exam MO-100

The Exam MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019) mainly covers the effective ability to either create, and maintain the professional looking for the reports, and the multicolumn newsletters, resumes, and the major business correspondence, and this exam help, and support the candidate to effectively demonstrate the correct, and relevant application of the best principal features of Word, and effectively complete the task as an independent. Successfully passing the Exam, MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019) certification exam, the candidates would earn the certification of Microsoft Office Specialist: Word Associate (Word, and Word 2019), and this certification would effectively demonstrate the correct application of the best principles features of Word as mainly through creating, and editing the documents for a variety of other major purposes, and relevant situations.

Knowledge required for the Exam MO-100

An individual who earns the certification of MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019) has approx. 150 hours of instructions, and hands-on experience with the relevant product, and has the major competency at the associate-level, and who is also ready to get enter into the particular job market.

Exam Details of MO-100

Before effectively get commencing with the preparation of an Exam the candidates must have the basic knowledge about the details of the Exam which are mainly as follows:

Exam Name: Microsoft Word (Word, and Word 2019)

Code of Exam: MO-100

Time Duration of Exam: The time duration of the Exam is 90 minutes.

No. of questions available in the Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is approx. 40 to 60 questions.

Passing score in the Exam: The passing score in the Exam is obtaining 700 points out of 1000 points.

Exam Partner: Certiport

Exam Fee: US$100

Languages of Exam: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.

Retake policy of Exam MO-100

Microsoft generally permits 5 attempts per year for a particular specific exam, as the retake policy of the Exam generally follows the following relevant policies that are mainly as follows:

If the candidate is not capable to clear the exam on his/her first attempt then the candidate must wait for at least 24 hours before retaking their exam.

If the candidate is not capable to clear their exam also in their second, and third attempts, then, also the candidates must wait for at least 14 days before retaking their exam for the fourth attempt.

A 14-day waiting period is also for the candidate for their fifth attempt.

Cancellation, and rescheduling policy of MO-100 Exam

Microsoft generally allows the free canceling of Exam mainly within 24 hours as before they schedule their appointment, if the candidate fails to show up their exam day without rescheduling or canceling your exam, Microsoft generally reserves all rights to forfeit the entire exam as the rescheduling and the cancellation of the scheduled exams that could be simply get done though the Certification dashboard.

Course Outline: MO-100

The Microsoft MO-100 Exam generally covers the following 6 domains, and these domains also cover various sub-divisions to help and support the candidate to effectively prepare for the Exam through getting identifying the major-specific content with the help of which each topic may be easily get tested.

Domain 1: Manage the documents (20-25%)

  • Navigating within the relevant documents
  • Effectively formatting the documents
  • Save, and share the best authentic documents
  • Inspect documents for the major issues

Domain 2: Insert, and format text, paragraphs, and relevant section (20-25%)

  • Insert relevant texts, and paragraphs
  • Create, and configure the document the major sections
  • Format main texts, and paragraphs

Domain 3: Manage tables, and lists (15-20%)

  • Creating tables
  • Modifying tables
  • Effectively creating, and modifying the relevant lists
  • Creating, and modifying lists

Domain 4: Creating, and managing the references (5-10%)

  • Creating as well as effectively managing the reference related main elements
  • Creating, and managing the reference tables

Domain 5: Insert, and format the graphic elements (15-20%)

  • Insert relevant illustrations, and the text boxes
  • Formatting the illustrations, and text boxes
  • Adding text to the graphic elements
  • Properly modifying the graphic elements

Domain 6: Manage the effective collaboration for the document (5-10%)

  • Adding, and effectively managing the comments
  • Manage the change tracking

Preparatory guide for Exam MO-100

Preparing for an exam is a difficult task, and it effectively becomes so much easier while the candidate properly follows up the preparatory guide for the exam, the Microsoft MO-100 study guide smoothen the journey of the candidate in an effective way that is mainly as follows:

Step 1: Effectively start with the main objectives of Exam MO-100

At firstly the candidates are required to visit the official website of Microsoft as the smarter way to clear the exam is at firstly to understand its main objectives, as with the help of a preparatory guide the candidate could easily locate all relevant information regarding the Exam MO-100 from the exam pattern to its structures all are included in its domain section, so, the candidate must follow the main objectives that are mainly as follows:

  • Managing the documents
  • Insert, and format relevant texts, paragraphs, and authentic sections
  • Manage the tables, and lists
  • Create, and manage references
  • Insert, and format the graphic elements
  • Manage relevant documents related to effective collaboration

Step 2: Knowing the study materials

Choosing the right study resources would permit the candidate to effectively understand each, and every domain as so easily with the help of the right study material the candidate can easily learn in-depth of the particular concept. For this, they can select the Microsoft learning path, various training courses, and selecting the right books.

Step 3: Joining an Online community

Joining an online community is one of the best ways to know the actual stand in a particular competition, at this stage the candidate could connect with their competitors, and keep themselves focused in the particular field, as this would offer the right, and authentic exposure to appear in the exam, with ensuring an increment in the expertise, this would help the candidate to prepare for their exam, and with the help of teams, all doubts of the candidates would also get resolved.

Step 4: Analyzing the preparations with the help of practice tests

This is one of the most significant steps to prepare for the exam, as while solving test papers, the candidate can surely make their weak sections stronger, and focus more on the stronger sections, and this would give an exact format to the candidate to effectively prepare for the Exam, all the practice tests papers ate effectively designed to encounter the real exam environment to the candidates

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