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Exam MO-201: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019)

Exam M0-201: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019)

Introduction to the Exam MO-201

This exam mainly covers the major capability of the candidates to effectively customize the Excel environments to meet the needs of projects and enhance productivity. The main examples of the workbook mainly consist of the custom business templates, amortization tables, and inventory schedules. The candidates who are pursuing this exam are generally expected to effectively demonstrate the correct, and authentic application of the principal related main features of Excel at an expert level for effectively completing all the main tasks as being independent.

This exam mainly demonstrates the skills which the candidates need to earn through the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert certification. This certification also demonstrates the major competency in effectively creating, managing as well as distributing the professional, and authentic spreadsheets for the various other specialized main purposes. While being as an individual, this certification course has approx. 150 hours of introduction, and hands-on experience with the related product, as this course generally demonstrate the correct application of the principal main features of Excel at an expert level.

This exam also measures the competency of the candidate in creating, effectively managing, and distributing professional spreadsheets for a variety of another main purposes, and authentic situations.

Details of Exam MO-201

Name of Exam: The name of the Exam is Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel, and Excel 2019)

Time Duration on Exam: The time Duration of the Exam is 90 minutes

Language of Exam: The language of the Exam in English

Format of Exam: The format of the exam is generally conducted in Multiple-response answers.

Some available questions in the Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is approx. 40 to 60 questions.

Exam Fee: The exam fee is $100 USD

Passing score of the Exam: The passing score of the exam is 700 marks on a scale of 1-1000 marks.

Course Outline of MO-201 Exam

The Exam MO-201 has some divided modules related to the topic, and the modules are also sub0divided into some following considerations that are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Manage workbook options, and major settings

  • Manage the workbooks
  • Prepare workbooks for having an effective collaboration.
  • Using, and configuring the best language options.

Module 2: Manage, and format data source

  • Formatting, and validating data sources.
  • Applying the best advanced conditional formatting, and major filtering.

Module 3: Creating the advanced formulas, and macros

  • Performing the logical relevant operations in the formulas.
  • Look up data by using main functions.
  • Use the advanced data, and time functions.
  • Performing data analysis.
  • Troubleshooting the formulas.
  • Creating as well as effectively modifying simple macros.

Module 4: Manage advanced tables, and charts

  • Create, and modify advanced charts.
  • Creating, and modifying pivot tables, and pivot charts.

Key topics, domain objectives of Exam MO-201

While effectively pursuing the Exam course MO-201, the must need to master the following key topics that are mainly as follows:

Analyzing data with the formulas, and Macros: Having the logical operators, date, and time functions, and the financial functions, also the basic macros, and the formula auditing related tools.

Exploring the data with the help of charts & Pivot Tables: knowing the statistical charts, geospatial maps, the pivot tables, and the pivot charts.

Effectively customizing the workbook-related major options, and settings: Linking various Excel workbooks, having knowledge about calculation modes, and the language tools.

Formatting, and managing data sources: Custom formatting of data, data validation, removing the duplicates, autofill, and flash fill, conditional formatting, and several others.

Scheduling of Exam MS-600

The candidates are required to effectively follow up the following steps to schedule the Microsoft Certification Exam that are mainly as follows:

  • The candidates need to visit the portal of Microsoft to register themselves.
  • After visiting the portal, they need to click on schedule exam for scheduling the DATE OF Exam.
  • Filling up all the required details that were asked.
  • Selecting an option for exam delivery on the Pearson VUE Page.
  • Make a payment for the exam fee.

Effectively after following all such steps the candidates could successfully register for the Exam.

Retaking policy of the General Microsoft Certification

After scheduling up the examination the applicants can supply their examination as in line with the specified date, and time, however, if the applicants have been now no longer successful to reap the passing marks withinside the examination, and their fame suggests for fail then for retaking the examination the applicants are required to look ahead to at the least 24 hours as earlier than they turn out to be eligible for retake this, and if additionally, they failed of their 2d try then such applicants want to attend 14 days as earlier than scheduling once more for giving their 1/3 try for the Exam, the ready length of the tries for 4, and five examinations is likewise 14 days, because the applicants can universal seem for five tries in line with 12 months for the Exam MS-600.

Cancellation coverage of Exam MO-201

Microsoft additionally gives the applicants to both reschedule, or cancel their tries for Exam inside 24 hours earlier than the examination dates, with this the applicants may also both cancel their examination successfully, and both reschedule this for as a minimum of 6 enterprise days earlier than their scheduled examination date and if the applicants do now no longer seem on their examination dates, then their examination price might now no longer go back to them.

Who can opt for this exam course?

Anyone who effectively wants to obtain the independent certification from Microsoft which they have effectively achieved from the expert, and which is in the use of the Microsoft Excel 2019/365.

The students who have major capabilities in Excel, and also those who want to achieve an independent, and effective recognition for having all such major capabilities.

Those students who pass the Associate Excel Exam, and want to progress to the next level.

Those people who are experts in Excel, and who would like to get their authentic expertise which has been recognized officially.

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