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Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019)

An Introduction to the Exam course Unit

This exam mainly covers the effective ability to create as well as properly manage effective presentations, and insert, as well as format the shapes, and slides, create the slide content and also apply relevant transitions, and animations, and also manage multiple relevant presentations, the training of employees, and the best instructional materials, and slideshows. The candidates are also expected to effectively demonstrate the correct application of the best principal features of PowerPoint, and complete the entire task independently. This exam course mainly demonstrates that the candidates have the skills which they mainly need to get the most out of PowerPoint through earning the Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate Certification and this certification also demonstrates the major competency to create, either edit and enhance the presentations as well as relevant slideshows.

An individual who earns this certification as approx. 150 hours of relevant instructions as well as the hands-on experience with the relevant product, which also has the major proven competency at an industry associate-level, and who is also ready to enter into the particular job market.

Exam MO-300

The Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019) generally examines the major abilities of the candidate to effectively create, and manage the presentations, and insert, and format the relevant shapes, and slides, as the examples of presentations mainly include the professional-grade sales presentations, and also managing the multiples presentations, and the slideshows for Kiosk. The candidates who successfully pass the Exam MO-300 would effectively get a credential like the business user.

Learning Path

Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019) is the major part of the requirement for Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019). This validation mainly demonstrates that the candidates must have the relevant skills which the candidates are needed to get the most out of the PowerPoint through earning the Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate Certification. This certification also demonstrates the major competency to either create, edit, and enhance the presentations, and the slideshows.

Main prerequisites for the Exam MO-300

An individual who earns this certification should have effectively completed approx. 150 hours of instruction, and hands-on experience with the main product, has the proven major competency at an industry associate-level who are ready to enter into the job market, and this certification also demonstrates the major competency to create, either edit, or enhance the presentations as well as relevant slideshows to effectively take the Microsoft exam, the candidates has to register and schedule the Microsoft Exam, and the candidates could effectively schedule their exam as with the Pearson VUE, and also through Certiport.

Course Outline of Microsoft Exam MO-300

MO-300 Exam mainly includes the tasks like creating, editing, and enhancing the presentations, and relevant slideshows effectively including the ability to create as well as manage the relevant presentations, insert, and format relevant shapes, create the slide content and effectively apply the transitions, and animations, and managing several other presentations, so, it is also significant to effectively go through with the whole course outline, and easily understand all the major objectives of the Exam.

Manage effective presentations

  • Modifying the slide masters, note masters, and handout masters.
  • Change options, and main views of presentation. Configure the print settings and effective presentations.
  • Configure the print settings, and effective presentations
  • Prepare relevant presentations for having effective collaboration.
  • Configure, and present the slideshows.

Managing slides

  • Inserting, and Modifying slides
  • Order, and relevant group slides

Insert, and Format texts, shapes, and images

  • Format texts, and insert links
  • Insert, and format the images, and the graphic elements
  • Order, and relevant group objects on relevant slides.

Inserting tables, charts, 3D models, and media

  • Insert, and then format tables, and also modify relevant charts.
  • Insert, manage media, and modify 3D models.
  • Insert, and then format the Smart Art graphics.

Applying transitions, and relevant animations

  • Effectively applying, and configuring the slide transitions
  • Animate the slid content, and effectively set the timing for relevant transitions.

Policies of Exam MO-300

While preparing for the Microsoft Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019), then the candidates would be completely so responsible for effectively knowing, and then complying with the Microsoft Certification exam-related major policies as together with the specified exam delivery major policies, and effective procedures as with the relevant details of Exam.

Best preparatory guide for Microsoft Exam MO-300

The Microsoft Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019) effectively presents a few analytical steps which the candidates could effectively consider the best developing ideal schedule for the relevant preparation of Exam MO-300.

Microsoft Learning Platform: Microsoft generally offers various learning paths, so, the candidates should visit the official website of Microsoft as the candidates can easily find every best possible information on its official website, and for this exam, the candidates may easily find many learning paths, and relevant documentation.

Microsoft Documentations: Microsoft Documentations are an important, and relevant learning resource while effectively preparing for the Exam MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint, and PowerPoint 2019). The candidates would easily find the relevant documentation on each topic that is mainly related to the particular exam, and this step is also valuable in effectively preparing for becoming a certified functional consultant.

Instructor-led Training: The training programs and Microsoft mainly provide the led training programs, and courses which are also an essential resource to effectively prepare for the Exam like as Exam MO-300, with this, the candidates could also find various training courses at such particular platform.

Practice Test papers: This is one of the most significant parts of the preparation for an Exam, as this usually begins at the end of the preparation stages for the Exam, the candidates who are preparing for the Exams are generally recommended to perform the practice tests at once this mainly comes with the syllabus of Exam, the reason being for this is to just go with the detail of Exam for the evaluation process of Exam MB-240 Practice tests would help the candidates to find their core strengths and the weaker areas which give an upper hand at the main time of the annual exam of the candidate.

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